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What up to all of you self-improving motherfuckers.

This is not a guide; this is not a field report. This thread is to serve as a reminder on points which will assist you MASSIVELY in your journey through life.

Be aware that although this thread is posted on a pickup forum, I do not want you to regard this thread solely as a helping hand for your 'game', typically learning how to DHV, pull hot bitches, and execute silky smooth kino escalation. Rather, this thread is to deliver some powerful ideologies on how to improve your lifestyle as a whole.

Take this thread's insight and apply it to your quotidian lifestyle, improving not only your game, but other areas and aspects in your life.

Okay, so, why should you read this? I imagine most of you are on this forum because we all have a mutual interest in picking up women. Some of us are new in the game, some of us are veterans, and some of us are just being introduced to it. The concepts here that I am about to share are typically better understood for the portion of us who have a grasp of game, and what lies beyond it. However, the earlier in the game you are, reading this will have these concepts sink into your head sooner for the future.

Realize that game is not just about 'picking up girls'. Sure, it may be an introduction to bettering yourself with women, but there is much more beyond that. Game is about improvement in all other aspects of your life, be it health & fitness, nutrition, business, finance, or just living a boss life. Game is just a stepping stone to the gateway of what's ahead for you. I don't even like the terms 'game', PUA, pickup, etc. It should be called, and is to be called, self-development.

If you're here to treat game as just a tool to donk women left and right, you're in for a future world of bitter egoism, misogyny, and unfulfilled voids in your life. We don't need another Elliot Rodger. Anybody who says game is just a means to an end, or only to get the pussy as the prize, is DEAD FUCKING WRONG.

I leave this as a caveat. You'll be really fucked in the head if pickup for you is 'pussy paradise'.

Alright, so let's get to it. Let me share some concepts that are past the 'game' narrative of picking up girls. These concepts are what is going to improve your lifestyle a whole lot, and will transcend into your 'game skills' as a parallel for your personal growth. You wanna be a boss with women? Be a boss at life.

Develop Social Circles

Learn to make friends. Developing a social circle is probably the first thing you should start doing when learning game. They say the first year or two of pickup is to just learn how to be a social-ass motherfucker. Why? Because you want to be good with everyone, not just be good with women. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, schoolmates — these people will introduce you to new environments, SPAM, social settings, and ultimately other people.

Meet and hang out with like-minded friends. Ditch old friends who don't believe in you. A major part of improving yourself through networking is surrounding yourself with people who share mutual interests. This includes meeting wings. Have a circle of people who you can learn from, ideally people who achieve bigger things than you so you have the motive to better yourself. Friends can teach you a lot.

Here's the thing. You'll have friends that accomplish greater things than you, and those are the people you aspire to be with and learn from. Then you'll have friends who don't like seeing you change for the better, because they want you to stay in the same frequency of their reality, posion-dripping you with negativity just so they can fulfill their average, mundane lifestyle.

Don't let anyone (including even your closest/best friends and family members) halt you from progress/improvement/personal development, whatever it may be. Be aware that most people accept to be content with their life, and want to drag other people down with them as soon as they see them surpassing their socially conditioned narratives. Cut people out of your life if you have to. You write your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Don't ever stand for toxic influences. Always move forward.

Accomplish Short-Term Goals

Each and every day should be better than the previous one. Give yourself little weekly goals of what to look forward to and accomplish. Maybe apply for at least 7 jobs per week. Maybe hit the gym 3-4 times a week. Whatever the caliber of your goal-setting is, as long as you’re doing it, it is progress.

This method of setting goals is a very crucial routine to adopt if you’re a beginner to game. Give yourself short-term goals of what you want to accomplish in your game, such as 'I will approach 3 women a day', 'I will go out every day for a minimum of an hour', etc. A great exercise I personally like to do to when I'm going out is to give random strangers high fives and compliments to pump my state and momentum up for the day. Additionally, it also helps me get into that social mindset and steadily removes any anxiety or mental block.

Achieve Your Ambitions

This is for the really eager; one who sees the future potential and direction in his life. As you're building yourself through personal growth and self-discipline, you'll experience many epiphanies, revelations, and mantras. You'll realize that you are good enough to do anything. Past goals and dreams you thought you couldn't succeed at will suddenly make clarity to achieve them. You'll develop stronger and new motives and ambitions that will re-spark and entice you to take action. In essence, your general goals in life will be made clearer.

What do you want to do? Become rich? Become a highly successful club promoter? Become Mr. Bodybuilder Ironman 2018? Own a thriving and successful business? Be the smartest Oxford University professor this world has ever seen?

Maybe you want to actually start realizing your dreams to live abroad. Or making passive income off a book you wrote or by renting property. Maybe even make a remote living lifestyle where you're living in Moscow one month, Budapest the next month, and Honolulu the month after that. Maybe you want to be your own boss and start a self-development company yourself! All is attainable if you first realize yourself, and grind to the motherfucking stone to realize it yourself!

Pay it Forward

Teaching people skills and ideologies that you've learned is great. Seminars, books, boot camps, etc. — all these are ways to spread the knowledge and help other people realize their purpose in life. You don't even have to do it big if you want. Simply learning and teaching your friends about self-development is a start. Making people realize that they can outdo the mundane lifestyle of the 9-5 and paint bigger pictures in their lives is a hell of a way to pay it forward. Teach people to get over their fears and hindrances. Teach people that learning to get out of their comfort zones opens up new possibilities they hadn't even visualized before. Do what you can to encourage a positive movement of positive people and positive lifestyle.

I hope you guys can start applying these concepts today. Day by day, bit by bit, improve your person. Take care of yourself — your mind, your body, your attitude, your view on life. We have a fucking short-ass time to do so. Better yourself before you can better the ones around you. See game beyond game. Through practicing these concepts, you will develop natural attraction as someone who has their life handled and knows what he wants. Natural attraction equals high value. High value and attraction will bring people to you naturally just by being yourself! Just look at some big figures in our society (a lot of them from the PUA community), who've had scraped the bottom of the pot in life, barely getting by, having hit rock bottom… then to rise up and be complete pimps in all aspects of their lives.

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