So called "friend" moved in on girl I like! Feel so angry..

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:03 pm 
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A few weeks ago everything seemed like it was going perfect. I had what I thought were good friends/colleagues, I was getting quite close to a girl (lets call her C) who I was not only attracted to but who I liked hanging with. I had a SPAM group with my friends and used it to organise outings, dinners etc. Best part was I omitted the one in our group I didn't like (let's call him R).

Anyway for some reason I thought to keep this pursuit with the girl quiet, until one of my friends, O, caught us on in smoking area, took a picture and posted it to the group. I didn't mind it was all in good fun. Another one of my friends, N, said he wanted to meet her. I thought nothing of it and introduced them.

Anyway next day O tells me that N has gone on a date with C. I got pissed off and removed him from the SPAM group. N tells me next day that was just a joke and he wouldn't do that. O convinces me to add N back into the group. Later on everybody starts talking about it in front of R and as I tried to shut them up, they show him the story in the SPAM group. Not only that but that N has created a SPAM group with everyone except me. As I predicted R starts giving all the patronising unsolicited advice I'd expect from this smug patronising prick.

A few weeks go by and I can't seem to spend any time with her. I later learn that's because N has been seeing her. The final straw came when at a party I saw her getting into the back of his car. I stopped talking to him then and all my so-called friends think this is funny especially that smug prick R. This really hurt because I got fucked over by someone I trusted. You know how to deal with your enemies, but getting screwed over by someone you thought of as a friend has left me with a lot of trust issues. I can't stop thinking about this situation.

I just wanted to know if any of you guys had similar situations being screwed over by someone you thought was a friend over a girl and how it affected your confidence and ability to trust and how you got over it?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:10 pm 
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My bro did something similar to me. I kinda separate my love life from him as a result.

Sorry to hear about that. This is why I like to hang out with pick up guy's as friends. Normal guys can be negative. I had a friend that would only flirt with the guys i liked it front of me just to install a reaction with in me. If i wouldn't mention to him he probably wouldn't of done anything.

Also I will mention. This is what I like about cold approach. You don't get this crap and having to deal with competition within the group. Then getting exiled when something bad happens.

Sounds like you should cut this guy out of your life. Let him have her.


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