Starting with Why: The Golden Circle ***A MUST READ***

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Hey guys,

What I intend to introduce to you may change the way you think, and all for the better; introducing, the Golden Circle.

The Golden Circle, a term coined by Simon Sinek, is a doctrine, a posit if you will, that allows us to understand the motivation of our actions. It is a simple, yet powerful device that allows you to spin your perspective almost entirely. It consists of only three words: What, How, and Why.

To put it the way that Mr. Sinek did, he very states along these lines- People know WHAT they're doing, people know HOW they will do it, however, they rarely know WHY they do it.

Now, applying this to a PUA scenario, here's what you may think: What we intend to do is pick up ladies (or guys, doesn't matter either way!), how we intend to do it is mastering a set of skills to successfully do it, and why we do it is to get laid.

Hold up one second though... "why we do it is to get laid".

Is that really our "why"?

Well, drawing a parallelism with Sinek's example, he mentions how money IS NOT our why... it is a result of our why. Likewise, getting laid is not our why... it is a result of our why.

Now, some of you may interjection and say, "But Nick, I really DO just want to get laid"! See, you say that, but...

All actions are a result of a belief, idea, or emotion.

By that posit, a desire to sleep around isn't just because, ya know, you wanna sleep around! It's a desire to satisfy certain emotions. Now granted, that emotion may very well just be the satisfaction of busting a nut! But it's an emotion nonetheless (joy). So of what importance is everything that I am telling you?

A lot.

Do we as people not oftentimes find ourselves with a problem, then try to figure out how to fix it, and our "why" comes naturally? You bet.

But what if we reversed that order?

That's right; instead, establish your "why", and then figure out "how" you intend to answer that why, and
"what" you will need to do will come naturally. READ THAT STATEMENT OVER!!!

What this means, very simply, is that we often times struggle to figure out WHAT to do during the act of Pickup Artistry- if we instead figure out why we are doing what we are doing, WHAT we need to do will ultimately be an end result once we've figured out HOW to do it.

Think about it guys; anyone can come up with some corny pick up lines and peacock around... WHY we do it is what makes us unique and desirable. If we find our deep rooted reasoning for our actions, it turns us from AFCS into godly PUAS!

So think about it- when we try to pick up or hit on a girl, we are advertising ourselves... do we want to be the offbrand cereal, or do we want to be the Kellogg's of cereal (or maybe you don't want to be any because being a box of cereal is insanity! :lol: ) The point is, if you go to the store, even if you KNOW that the two cereals are nearly identical, which one are you generally going to buy? The name brand one! They both have the same WHAT, but simply have different WHYs, and that is why people so freely spend nearly double the price they would on offbrand cereal than they would for name brand; because they advertise their WHY, not their WHAT.

Now, onto the EXTREMELY important science behind this. The What corresponds with our neocortex, the outermost portion of the brain, which is responsible for our rational and analytic thinking- this is not sexy when trying to hit on a woman; save this for boring ass 3 hour long lectures! The two inner most portions of our brain, corresponding with How (second innermost) and Why (innermost), are known as our limbic brain, and are responsible for our emotions and feelings. By working from the inside out, as opposed to outside in as so many people are apt to do, you may ultimately solicit positively garnered gut decisions and actions from others.


By using what you have just learned, you WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO TAP INTO YOUR INTEREST'S EMOTIONAL STATE, AND ALLOW THE RESULTS TO FOLLOW!!! By speaking to one's emotions, they will understand the logical occurrence that follows. On the other hand, if you speak to one's logic, they may subconsciously make decisions based on emotions that may or may not work in your favor.

If you attempt to apply this doctrine at all times, for every circumstance, you will notice any increasingly larger amount of said circumstances working in your favor. What I ask is that none of you abuse this incredibly powerful tool! Much like numerous PUA techniques, this may be used in a manipulatively cruel way.

Before I conclude this post, I will instill upon you one last sentiment said by Simon Sinek:
"People don't buy what you, they buy why you do it".

Here is the video for your viewing pleasures:

I would love to hear feedback, this is my first big post, and I sincerely hope this provides at least one person with some wonderful insight!

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