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Hey guys, just wanted to get peoples opinions and advice on a topic that has recently become interesting to me in regards to basic interactions and conversations. ive constantly been stumbling on either articles or other postings that had to do about how to start and continue conversations while in the moment and I always found it kind of off putting when I think about the issues inherent in people or perfect strangers having conversations with each other and they tend to come from different socioeconomic or cultural backgrounds. I figured this was main issue that made it hard to sort of find that cross-connect topic that both people can talk in depth about.

I would look back at my life and remember times were I became silent due to the fact that when I began to go all in with a number of topics I liked to talk about and I knew a lot about, the people listening fell silent or I knew it bored them. I would talk about a particular show I knew a number of people were watching and I felt it was interesting and then I would Segway it into a more deep or philosophical discussion about a particular facet of our lives or whatever. This was something I was able to do well on a number of topics(economics, history, politics, etc) and the Starter topics(Music, Movies, current events.) were somewhat easy enough to get into.

At first I never had a "agenda" behind the topics I talked about accept the usual one which is to seem and be interesting and knowledgable about stuff. but as I got older and dabbled into PUA stuff(still a newbie in as much as I never really practice 90% of the stuff I have learned), I learned to be more objective oriented in what I talked about and why I talked about these things. Learn if the other person is knowledgeable about anything important. Do they have any hang-ups about anything? basic information gathering, that sort of thing. Even with this mindset, the same result came about. At first I was dead set in expanding my knowledge and experience base to combat this due to how I grew up(I had sort of a counter culture mindset that was sophomoric in nature, "down with man" sort of thing.) Then as I grew older I noticed this still didn't change things much as well as second hand experiences from friends who I watched who have similar interest and life experiences that make conversations difficult. This along with other factors such as age and upbringing on geographical location makes the process exhausting.

How do we resolve or solve this disconnect between people and individuals with different interest and cultural/socio backgrounds and find a way for people to be able to conversate on a myriad of topics all people can talk about.

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