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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 8:41 pm 
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I wish to share a list of frames to work on, that will massively help your game and your whole life. If you want to become the man with the successful personality, you must know what to change, so here is the list:
I gave a brief description around frames.

(Sorry for my English, not my native language)

Bad frames list:
-> Scarcity: Yep, world is abundant on chances and physically you can't consume them all. :)) Ok, you will always find new chances, no matter the domain if you know where and how to look. So go out, cause no chance gonna knock to your door;

-> Fear: When it comes, deal with it, learn how yo big man! Heard that it dies every time you feel it;

-> Hate: Get rid of the venom, by changing it with the curiosity. General speaking: You won't kill the bad frames, but at least you will reduce them;

->Judgemental: no no!

->Neediness: World is a place of abundance. If you don't believe, move your ass out and you will see. If you go out constantly you won't feel needy anymore. Neediness kills your sets so the game will be somehow useless. So when gaming, don't expect anything from her, just have fun and also experiment to see what happens(for you to learn) if you fear to pull the trigger;


->Reactive: When there is a discussion between 2 people, the one reacting the most, is the weakest. The one reacting less, is in control of situation;

->Sadness (& depression): This frame is very very bad and will destroy your results (and life on all areas), because you must be having fun when gaming and not only, instead of being in your head thinking in the past. So the best solution is to let things go and live the present moment. Man, when doing game, you do only game (not anything else). From my experience with sadness (i have really bad past that I thought there was no hope) when you start letting go and deciding to build your life, first thin I realised was that "you waste years when you are sad". Don't live in sadness, but try to get to the root of the problem. If you cut the root, problem (no matter how big) will die. Analyse and find appropriate solutions. What can't be changed, just accept and move on. A problem must not be a reason not to be happy, but rather a challenge. Also, the environment around you, plays a big role so change things around you to motive you, change behaviours, stop playing sad songs etc. I know is hard to let the sadness go when it becomes a way of living, but you have to think as a big man, that you must fight with your life. So it won't change over night, but in time. 2 years and I'm cured:))

-> Unprofessional: I'm not asking you to be a professional, but trying to do the things you do, with a feeling of a pro. You are the star in your own movie (life), no matter how that movie is so don't complain and play your role like a real star. Do your best! and seek to become best in your roles, don't be superficial;

-> Weirdness: Be cool man and be cool about your shit, don't act weird about it;

-> Denial: Denying that there are things to be fixed means that you lie to yourself and YOU GIBE YOURSELF. Accept that your skills are bad and you are a fool, and start changing that. Everything can be changed in life, you can become everything you want!

-> Regression: A tough man never backs down from what he wants to do. Doing it once, will push you do it next time again;

-> Displacement: You don't change your decisions and your goals because of the reasons against them! Believe in them and stay strong about them. See more about in psychology;

-> Unapologetic: Don't excuse yourself for the escalation. "Umm sorry for touching you". Be bold and no excuses, or you will seem weak. If she doesn't like that, than is her problem! Who loves you, loves you for what you are;

-> Justification: You are not bounded to explain what you don't want. So she must deal with this, or leave. :))

-> Envy: Again, get rid! Leverage this energy to push you become better;

-> Pessimism.

Good franes:
-> Abundence;

-> Curiosity: A child learns new things because he is curious; an adult has it replaced by fear, being the main reason why he is a looser. So change it back to curiosity and will win a lot! You must make lot of mistakes because they give you lessons that almost nobody will teach. Mistake is feedback;

-> Caring: I mean you should also care about what see feels, instead of forcing her to do things that are over here powers. Don't know to express myself well here;

-> Awesomeness: You are cool, awesome! You have so many cool things that you love to do, so bring them as dicussion topics! And not only, you are awesome as you are. "People must kiss your feet because you gave them the honour to meet you." - hip hop thinking is goood if not use it for ego:)) :)) Yes, kill the ego man!!

-> Risk-taker: Girls like guys who are not affraid to assume risks. The girl won't do the escalation for you and won't try to find you - is your job. So push the button when you need to. Advice: I know that is better doing a thing than not doing it. Have fun!

-> Happiness: Align yourself also with people better than you, that push you up. Surround yourself with people that are happy. Surround yourself with proactive situations. Don't be afraid to do what you love to do. Cut down the bad vibes around you and avoid such people. No time to live sad, time is precious, so excuse yourself politely; Cultivate happiness instead of sadness, it will help you in life so much... you can't imagine.

-> Control: Always ((try to)) be in control of the situations and your life. There are 3 types of people: 1.who go with the wave; 2.who go against wave; 3.who create the wave. You are that one who creates the wave, so you can change the subject when you want, you create the event when you want etc;

-> Professionalism - same description from the unprofessional frame above;

-> Coolness: Yep, you are the cool guy. If not, become the cool guy! And be cool about things that happen;

-> Be proactive! Don't wait for chances, go for them;

-> Acceptance: Spoke about, above;

-> PIMP: So what? you are the pimp and you are pimping hard that game!!

-> Rationalize the stuff to learn;

-> Honesty: Very important! There is good stuff about it on rsdfreetour;

-> Assertiveness: Say yes to new experiences. You are entitled to everything;

-> Optimism.

Complete the list with your thoughts.

*Of course, in order to know the "how to change", you must document yourself. Information is the solution. Read books!! Umm, we have available all the information we need nowadays just at a couple of clicks, but we are fools because we don't use this chance to achieve the great results."

Some books from me related (read):
Tony Robbing - The giant within - this book will change your life. You will return here and will thank me for this post.:)) I'm not lying.
Introduction to NLP
Introduction to Tantra - Lama Yeshe
Revelation Venusian Arts
Double your dating - David D
Yeah Neil Strauss - The game (best to start with if really new to PUA)
Corey Wayne - 3% man
Sun Tzu - Art of war

My next reads:
Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence
Daniel Goleman - Social Intelligence (still reading - I love this man!)
Cialdini - Power of influence
Serge Kahili King - Matering your huna self
Eckhart Tolle - The power of now

Watch rsdfreetour - gold information for free. So my advice for you, is to skip the tv and watch valuable stuff instead. Or learn something new, is better. I stoped watching tv 5 years ago.

My advice: Any problem you have, look for it on the web, books... youtube. Try to know your enemy before fighting. Approach any problem from a frame of curiosity and learn about it - you will be greately rewarded. There's so much text and videos out there for everything!

That's all. Hope it helps!

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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 9:31 pm 
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Cool post man. Definitely a good reminder about different mindsets and frames to have and not to have. The Power Of Now is a great book to learn acceptance and live in the present moment. Emotional Intelligence is one of the my next reads as well. Another great book to read is Sperm Wars, to understand more of the motives and evolutionary biology behind sex. Why Women Have Sex, by Cindy Meston and David Buss, is another very interesting and insightful book as well.

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