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To me this ia a huge area of how I do well or progress. My routine everyday is wake up read some pickup , listen to some music, drink three bottles of water cause my backround was weightlifting n bodybuilding before finding the community. Pickup has become first priority but still try to keep up in tryin' to stay in shape n hydrated.
After the shower get dressed n go to school ( senior in high school). Practically everything rides on my drive dependin' if I feel it enough to give a shit to do my schoolwork. Even when practcting my pickup skills at school rides on my drive/motivation. For me it would all consist of inner game.

For the past 2 weeks it's been harder to care for anything due to lack of motivation from not seeing much results since they've now stalled. In the beginning of the year when first practicing the only things I knew at the time were understanding body language (reading people's n being aware of mine), lightly teasing n playfully challenging summed in the way JC puts it, knowing
how to create sexual tension subtlely, how to pass women's tests, a fraction of qualification, n how to build my value dhving subcommunicating it. After tht everything resided in my mood n drive to keep goin' n growin'.

Thts at least all I went out using cause was learning so much more then but still saw consistent results but then they just stalled n stopped seeing them. Lke I said if my state n inner game isn't where it should be or I ain't feelin it when I get to school, basically fucked for the rest of the day. Could pull it off being in state at the beginning of the year til the past few weeks, now it just feels lke tryin to pull a circus act everyday. Dnt know whts going on or how to fix this cause everything w grades n pickup is lje stalled n slipping.

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