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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:39 am 
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First let me preface this that I don't advocate any of these techniques. I prefer natural things. Stuff you will find in "Program Your Mind for Success in Record Time" This allows you to reprogram your subconsciousness without the risks involved in the stuff I am about to share. It's just as powerful (if not more powerful), but requires you to use a bit of your own brain power instead of just slapping on headphones and letting the product do all of the work.

It involves using Alpha brainwaves to reprogram your subconsciousness. The stuff I'm about to share uses Gamma brainwaves.

There is something known as gamma brainwave programming. I became aware of this stuff not from dating, but learning about money. There are many people in the make money sector who have way more power and influence then the women and dating sector. The programs over there are on a different level as far as self help. John Assaraf being one of them. He has developed programs around GAMMA brainwave induction that literally go in and rip apart your neural connections and replace them with different associations towards money.

I feel like this can also be done with women and dating. I could probably design something for it (I might in the future) since there isn't a thing in this sector for it yet.

It works... The thing is, you are messing with your DNA. Studies have shown how people who go through these types of programs not only change the way they think about the subject, but it unlocks whole brain activity.

The down side is that the risk of creating birth defects in your children skyrockets to over 700%. It's up to you if you need to take that risk.

Another solution is something called memory extinction.

There is a gene scientists have discovered Known as Tet1.

Here you will find all about it:

Here they go over experiments they are doing to erase specific memories:

There is no telling what types of side effects will occur, if any with these new methods. There are people already experimenting on ptsd clients.

My question to you. If I (or some scientist) figured out a way to combine the tet1 memory extinction with the gama brainwave personality changing technology. Would you allow them to erase all of your fears about women, and implant a new personality (lets say the ideal personality that the PU books teach) into your brain?

I am a hunter of human excellence. I seek out those individuals who break the norms
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