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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:38 pm 
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Has it ever happened to you, that you were standing somewhere, like a
coffee shop or a club, and you suddenly saw HER...

And she was so BEAUTIFUL that it just took your breath away...

You couldn't think because your mind went BLANK, you felt that SINKING feeling
in your stomach, and you just stood there like a deer caught in front of a MAC truck...

Or maybe you were in a conversation with a woman, and your anxiety got the
best of you, where you couldn't even look at the girl in the eyes while talking...?

Fear of women is your first and main challenge to overcome.

It's your first obstacle to becoming amazingly successful with women.

And in this article, I want to share with you how I dealt with my own fear of women, to where it doesn't
paralyze me anymore, but inspire me to approach women.

When most guys feel that fear when they see a beautiful woman, their first thought
is "How can I destroy this emotion?"

They think that fear is their enemy and they want to fight against it.

Not only that is NOT the right way to go about it, it is the OPPOSITE of what you
should do.

You see, the first thing to do about your fear, is not to try to eliminate it, but change your
ATTITUDE, or how you feel about your fear.

One of the most important things that you need to understand about your fear of women is that
your fear of women is NOT YOUR ENEMY!

Your fear can and will be your ALLY if you learn to use it to your own advantage.

Here's why:

> Fear gives you ENERGY
> Fear fills you up with ENTHUSIASM when you act on it
> Fear keeps your ALERT and SHARP,, it makes you feel ALIVE
> Fear brings out the BEST of you, because it makes you STRETCH

Instead of eliminating your fear completely, reduce it down to a level where
you can manage it... and then learn to use it to your advantage, where you will
get the benefits of fear without being paralyzed from it.

Let me show you how I reduced my fear to a point where it didn't paralyze me

Fear used to paralyze me. It used to stop me from going there and starting a conversation with a girl.

When I felt fear of talking with a beautiful woman, I used my fear as an EXCUSE not to go over there
and talk to her.

I did that for a long time, but after a while I realized that this isn't leading me anywhere...and that
if I continued to use my fear as an excuse, I would never meet the kind of woman I always wanted
to meet.

So I was determined to deal with it. And like most guys, I first wanted to destroy it, kill it,
not feel it anymore for the rest of my life.

I tried NLP, various techniques and hypnosis, but none of them seemed to work.

It wasn't until I discovered the CORE REASON for feeling fear that things began to shift.

I discovered that the CORE REASON why I or any other guy feels fear of women in the first place
was in our unrealistic view of women.

We tend to see women as these super-human creatures who are flawless and perfect.

And we see ourselves as INFERIOR to them.

For example, here were some of the beliefs I had about women. See if you can find yourself in
some of them:

> Women have perfect confidence and self esteem
> Women never get nervous or anxious around guys
> Women are constantly judging guys and looking for a way to violently reject them
> Women are the ultimate prize for a guy

Rings a bell?

I figured that if I want to tone down my fear, I would have to get a more realistic view of women.

So I started asking questions to women and talking to my girl friends about this.

And I was surprised to say the least. I learned that women are NOT super-confident creatures
who feel no anxiety and fear.

Did you know that women feel approach anxiety just like guys do?

Really. They feel extremely self conscious and paralyzed about approaching a guy.

And not only that, but also:

> They get anxious and nervous when a guy approaches them.
> They are one of the most self-conscious creatures on the planet.
> They are constantly second guessing themselves and how they look.

Whatever you think they are, women are NOT super human. They have their fears and insecurities
just like we do.

They have to wear 2 hours worth of make up to make themselves look better. Don't you think they
are self-conscious about how they look without it?

We are all the SAME.

If you don't believe a word I said, copy this and send it to a girl that you know. Ask her if that is
true. Do it. It will give you a new outlook on women.

When I got this about women, and I stopped seeing them as super human but had a more realistic
view of them, I started having EMPATHY for them.

I started feeling their fear and anxiety, and strangely my anxiety and fear wasn't that strong anymore.

My fear didn't paralyze me anymore.

Rather, the fear that I did have was more like the excitement of meeting a new person that
I really liked.

It wasn't anything like before when I felt inferior and paralyzed from it.

I now learned to use my fear to my own advantage, and whenever I felt fear I used it as a SIGN
to approach a girl - because if I felt fear about her, then she must be something special.

So understand this:

Women are human beings and they have fears, insecurities and frustrations
that we aren't even aware of.

Now think about the IDEALS you have about hot women.

What do you believe about them that makes them super-human?

> Do you believe they are perfect creatures who you should cater to at all times?

> Do you believe they have some sort of mysterious power over men?

> Do you believe they never get scared or insecure?

> What super-human ability are you giving to women?

Spend some time studying how women really feel. Try to feel what they feel, and develop
empathy for them. Feel how anxious and self-conscious they actually feel, and you'll forget
about your own fear.

So here are the steps to dealing with your fear of women:

Step #1: Change your attitude towards your fear. Don't try to kill it, use it as a sign of what you should do.

Step #2: Tone down your fear to a level where you can manage it, so it doesn't paralyze you anymore.

Step #3: Change how you look at women. Stop idealizing them and thinking of them as super-human. Realize they have fears and insecurities and are very self-conscious.

Step #4: Use that little bit of fear that's left to give you enthusiasm and excitement when meeting a new girl.

So let me recap:

> Your fear is not your enemy, it is your ally if you learn to use it
> Fear has many advantages which outweigh the disadvantages of it.
> The goal is not to destroy your fear, but to tone it down to a level where it doesn't paralyze you
> The way you tone down your fear is by understanding how women feel
> Remember, women are human beings with fears and insecurities far greater than we guys have

Your first step you can do right now:

There is a technique called the 1 Hour Approach Anxiety Cure, which I highly
recommend you go through, as it leads you through this
entire process, so you don't just read something and understand it logically, but you get a transformation
where you can actually feel different.

Although the AA Cure is free, I can't put the link in here, so either look it up on my signature or
send me a PM and I'll send you the link for it.

That's it when it comes to your fear of women. I hope you got my message and what I was
trying to say to you - women are not super-human, they are just like US.

Speak to you soon,


I need 30 guys to test my new AA Cure technique, that eliminates your AA
in UNDER an hour.

>You have to be over 21 of age
>You're not comfortable approaching women
>You are serious about eliminating it

Apply At:Test Group

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:17 pm 
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Very much agreed. I think sometimes though however much you say this to someone, it won't properly click in until they have figured it out themselves. Definitely agree with what you've said though, good post.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:21 pm 
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i think you need to just get out there and try a bunch and soon it will all fall into place

PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:37 am 
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Very useful brother )

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