Vibing: the celebration of cerebration.

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Mental Ability & Conversational Agility.
Who's reached that state where they can do no wrong. You just naturally FEEL for where a sarge should go when in set. It's like being in the zone of the game.

You've heard this term, vibing. Vibing is the natural flow of energy interaction that elicits another flow of energy, sometimes you & your wingman are 'bouncing' off each other. And when in set (always give as much attention to your wingman as you give to the set) you have this perfect state where everything just flows & the girl's shield, long gone, reappears as a 'PLEASE FUCK ME SO HARD I FORGET MY NAME' aura.

Like muscle memory the brain is like a muscle, & when neural traces fire in the areas that you're well versed in, this flow will be more efficient. It's an astral thing, of the mind, it's cerebration in celebration. Knowing how to react with your thoughts naturally like a reflex action in the physical body. The mental reflex is no different.

The way to cultivate it is to build up a subconscious data bank of intuition related to conversation. It's essentially, S.E.X. Synergystic Energy Xchange. Vibing will be felt on various levels. It's largely a mental connection as it is the mind which actively guides this energy.

Get your chemicals in order, put Rosy Palm & her five sisters on an onanist’s embargo, yes people that means wank sanctions or 'wanktions'. Let your sexual energy be used in other ways. In your voice, in your emotions, in your touch, in your mind.

You're aiming to consciously & naturally create an SPAM around you that encourages the free flow of this good energy between you & the person you're vibing with. Knowing yourself is knowing others. The brain is the most powerful sexual organ in the body, so technically I've fuckstarted many a girl's brains... in the vibing sense of course.

When you refuse to accept what you cannot change: this is called trauma.

When you decide to change what you cannot accept: this is called revolution.

UK Lair

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