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PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 5:20 pm 
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We had a jazz event in school.A concert hall,jazz bands and a full room of pillows with mixed sets on them (girls nd boys-mostly girls).
Music started to affect me magically.My body started to moove to the rythm.Then I would turn around me I saw everybody siting calm.Two HB's near me were'nt moving at,just chating.This somehow affected me iner nice guy.He just wanted to addapt to the HB's.Don't move to music and they'll like you.WHat absulute bullshit.I decited not to listen.I just started to have fun,ignorig everybody around and just having fun.And here the interesting part unravels.Two HB's sitting near me,started to move,more interesting,they would do almost exavt mooves as i did.If I clapped,they clapped.We tree seemed the only ones having fun.At the beggining of the jazz event thay seemed to ignore me,now they were smiling and looking at me with those IOI eyes.With no problem,I could take their tea and drink it.I felt as I had opened girls around me and could do anything to them.I could touch them and tease,no hestitation.I had body language game.However big verbal game problems.I wanted to start chating with the HB'S ,to aplly spell opener and start with some patterns,but my inner nice guy made me feel so unconfortable,as my friends and classmates were around and "oh my god,what would they have thougt of me, a 10th grade girl(HB) pick'up-er.I felt some kind of guilt to do ipick-up.What would others thing.Not alfa,not alfa......

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