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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:24 pm 
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So a big issue I've been having is feel unnatractive to woman -- I had 6 dates recently end terribly and it's making me go over everything about myself and fix things. Here's currently how I look, have my hair and dress.

I'm a big fan of the way Johnny Depp dresses so I incorporate that into my style -- I sorta mix classy with trashy. What I'm asking everyone here is:

1) From head to toe what can I do to look better for woman and improve my image? Feel free to discuss everything with me.
2) Am I attractive?

I always wear my jewelry with a colored cloth
Notice how if I reverse the image my face looks more symmetrical

So here's just some different looks I wear. Mostly it's the Johnny Depp style. I'm looking to improve every part of myself!

(My boots, I really like them! http://i.imgur.com/yEnNVFj.jpg )

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:23 pm 
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IMO, the hair in some of your pics looked a little goofy. On the other hand, it looked nice in some other shots. I can give you no other advice because I think you're looking good for the most part.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:17 pm 
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Hey man,

2) Yes, you're good looking and when it comes to style already doing a lot of things right (actually you're doing much better than most guys I've seen).

1) Let's do this picture by picture (a quick critique),

1st picture: the details are a bit vague due to low quality of photo, shoulders on the jacket are a bit too wide but all in all, the fit is not so bad - for pick up, I'd take slightly too tight over too loose any day :) Nice touch with the pocket square.

One thing I'd change is open a few buttons on the shirt. With this outfit the line between cool-sexy and tryhard-"look at me" is very slim and I'd prefer to see you channel your inner Johhny Depp and make the outfit a bit more laidback with a few shirts buttons open.

2nd picture: the hair is all over the place but overwise looking solid. One thing too consider: maybe a pocketsquare to add some color (something with a red flower maybe?). Full dark-on-dark outfits can work well if you feel like going full on James Bond mysterious persona, but overall they lack a touch of fun, excitiment.

3rd picture: Is this the same outfit? Can't really tell due to different qualities and angles in pictures.

4-7th picture: Now WTF has happened here?! That v-neck needs to burn, seriously :) a) there's never a good reason to wear a v-neck with a pocket. b) the cut is way too loose. c) it looks like you're tucking it in, which agains is a big NO.

Gold accessories also look quite out of place. If you'd like to follow Mr. Depp and wear a lot of accessories that's great, but keep in mind that they all need to be from the same/similar "theme".

8?th (the one in leather jacket): looking great!

9th: Spot on!

All in all: your classier outfits are well executed, but the "trashy" laidback aspects need some improvement. Hair is very much hit or miss - sometimes they look quite good, in other pictures it looks like a bird's nest :)

One more thing I'd consider - suits and classy outfits tend to look good on a man, but they are not always the optimal approach for pick up (very easy to fall into the image of provider) - you might want to try out a bit more rugged-sexy look if it suits your personality.

Anyway, just few quick thoughts, hope it helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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