How do you react to continuous negative body language.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:21 pm 
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So I have been seeing this girl for a while and she is always unresponsive to my responses and responds with negative body language. She is an Asian girl and what I have found out from my experience is that many of them are very reserved. When I try to keep eye string eye contact she won't even look at my eyes. When we are walking she very often will often keep distance and walk ahead or fall back. Trying to keep a conversation going is like pulling teeth. She has almost no sense of humor and barely talks. I am yet to see her smile or laugh. Now I have rarely encountered this and its driving me nuts because she is so unresponsive and quiet. Is this a cultural thing? I have already closed many times so we are in the sort of dating stage. But her body language is still the same. What the hell?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:44 am 
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Right, as you already pointed out, body language is a cultural thing. I'm not Asian nor do I know Asians so I don't know about their body language. But I watched a lot of anime when I was a kid :D so yeah I think the Asian girl's body language is really reserved. Did you know that in some Asian cultures it is even considered not polite to look into someones eyes at all.(except for family, close friends and spouses)

I'd say study Asian body language a bit by watching romantic movies from that culture and read the body language. It might be fake on the screen(and everyone that has learned to speak body ;) will see that it is) but you'll get a basic idea about the "cultural" body language.

Good luck brother.

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He's right, Asians have a more reserved body language. They contain their emotions rather than allow their emotions to own them.

It's normal for them to act this way.

All that matters is that she shows ongoing attraction, and if you can pick up the she want sex from you signs you're golden. Don't worry about the lack of feedback, learn to be more observant.

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