The easy way to PUA "Self Graffiti"

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 9:28 am 
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You've all heard this before. Form, The Game, This site, and self experience. I have now adopted my own method on game.

They way of "Self Graffiti" by Graffiti himself.

First, this is a belief of mine that all you need is inner game. You really don't need the methods of others, but they are always fun and looked as luxuries. The easy way of becoming a PUA is to work from the heart, as some may call it.

You are an individual, always remember this, you will always have weaknesses, but your strengths should always show first!

That little voice in your head that tells you not to do something you want to do, take a baseball bat and beat it till it's a bloody mess crying in the corner, this way it is afraid you your individuality, and will comment in a quite polite way, rather than dominating your decisions.

As said , I believe, by almost every mPUA on the planet, "You are the acception to everything, why? Why not?"

You are who you are, and you like that fact DAMN IT!

Never question your self based on others remarks, what in hell do they know anyway.

The Quick Basic Overview:

If you do something out of the norm, why be uncomfortable, embrace it. Others attack because your a threat, otherwise you'd be left alone.

Take Ozzy Osbourne for example, he dresses and acts how he wants, do others question him, no. Why is this? Well obviously its because he's famous and an idle to many. So, why act like him? Because, why shouldn't you be?

YOU ARE THE ROCK STAR, and if you don't think it's true, then prove me wrong!


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 1:31 am 
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Completely true. When men first get involved with pickup, they have expectations of learning loads of stuff about women and other people. In fact, by the time most of us gain enough experience in the field, we realize that we are learning more about ourselves than anything else. Sure, we will all begin using canned material, but eventually we all find our own separate paths and understand the bigger picture. During this path of self discovery, some men will either float into the dark side of the game and become "social robots" (as Style defined them) and others will stay true to themselves which enables them to experience true human connection.

So as Graffiti put it: "work from the heart".

"This is your reality. It is what you make it"

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 5:58 am 
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It's really strange, but one of the biggest misconceptions about picking up women is that you should "Just be yourself." While this is, to some extent, true, it fails to grasp the fullness of the concept. Better would be: "Just be true to yourself." Take a good, hard, critical look at who you are. Where are you the most fantastic person you can be? Where are you lacking? In what parts of your life can you improve, and in what parts of your life are you completely satisfied?

And when you know your strengths, and you know your weaknesses, you will be ready to begin. Be proud of your strengths. One does not have to be the most incredibly Alpha man in the room to be noticed. But he does have to be confident in what he does well, in what he knows, in who he is. Work to improve your weaknesses every day. I keep telling myself I need to clean my fucking house. It's a disaster. It smells bad. It's a place I'm not comfortable taking a woman. So every day, I work at my home cleanliness a little more. I have to work on how I dress. A lot of my clothes don't fit me quite right because I have had problems with dramatically fluctuating weight (from 185 to 110 to 250 to 150 in seven years). I'm making headway into updating my clothing and better controlling my weight. These are just personal examples, things I am trying to do for myself. I understand that these are weaknesses, and I am trying, every day, to improve upon them.

I am being true to myself. I am proud of what I am good at. I am working on improving my poor qualities. And I am, for the most part, incredibly happy to be me.

That's all the inner game work I'll ever need.

Repent now and save 50% on your next divine judgment.
-Monkey's Little Brother, Spud

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