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PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:33 am 
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Hi guys,

For 8 years now I'm in the game, and been through quite a lot. After breaking up with my ex GF a month ago, I knuckled down on my game again and got an e-mail from one of the big PU organizations to go to a seminar. The costs were "only" 200 dollars, so I thought lets give it a try.

One of the major names was going to speak and I really wanted to meet him, so I thought it would be a cool experience and would at least try it once.

I have always relied on my own metal mostly, on books and this forum secondly and on my wings thirdly. I always had an aversion against having a coach. I think its too commercialized, and most of these guys seem really fake and manipulative.

After the event, a few things were clear to me:

1. Its cool to meet MPUA's. They really have the experience, and they really can help you out.
2. They are cool social guys that seem to come from where I come from. Figuring stuff out.
3. Its a great way to meet other wings that are dead serious about pickup.
4. They make it clear there is no shortcut, but its about learning a skill, and putting the works in it.


1. Its way too commercial. So get this. I pay 200 dollars for 3 hours of seminar. But a solid half our of the seminar is a sales pitch for a bootcamp, and for a "become a coach" program. Both costing tens of thousands of dollars haha. Jezus... that was harsh.
2. A lot of what was teached during the seminar was a rerun of the stuff read in the MPUA's books. If you studied this properly and applied it to the field with success already, it was a lot like a repetitative mantra. Kind of boring, and kind of overkill on info.
3. Some dudes are just there for the thrill. There was a complete noob asking what a neg was. I wanted to kill him. He could have at least read "The Game" first.
4. The whole thing eminated a falsehood of success. They coaches are good at pickup and coaching, yet they are almost all in a loving relationship, or even have kids. There was not one guy whom I could find that said, "yeah, I score new chicks regularly and have plenty of fuckbuds", instead we got this: "my life is filled with love and I put jealousy plotlines in my relationship". Now off couse you cant forbid them to be like this, but it still was kind of not right to me. Like weapons manufacturers giving to charity...

Anyway, I still think it is better to find good wings and likeminded people that want to improve. Coaches seem very expensive and I sometimes feel they take advantage of young insecure kids with deep pockets. I'd rather reed a good book (right now Im diving into DeAngelo's stuff) and pick from it what I can use for myself.

Hope to hear some experiences from you guys as well.

No commercials or endorsments please ;-)

"Always leave her better then you found her"

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