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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:56 am 
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Scammed out of my money. Don't ever go to Jan Lifestyle for help. I was not bad with meeting woman but wanted to be better. So I thought it was about time to take a bootcamp for daygame in Vancouver BC. Prior I followed the teachings of RSD Tyler through books and his video programs. Not too much to choose from as far as daygame bootcamps go in Vancouver. I'm Asian, average looking but social. I wasn't getting the 8+ I wanted. It's hard for Asian because we are typically on the short size, not to mention the misconception of how we are in bed. Needless to say I always feel prejudged and have to work harder because of my background.

There was no real proof of how good of a teacher Jan was.....because he's not....he wants money and based on how oblivious the class was (mostly Asian young guys with broken English) he's going to continue to get it because they no no better and like me never though one of my own kind would cheat me. It's all bull. It was like watching one of Tyler's videos in real time. I was in shock as to how much material was word for word copied from RSD. When I asked him about how he learned he had lied to my face and told me a guy he went to university taught him everything. I should have saved myself hundreds of dollars and just watched youtube videos.

He's so cheap he doesn't even rent a classroom. Instead he told us to meet at his apartment in Yaletown. Then we went to the common area of the building. Because it's a common area other residents were in the room playing cards, and it's a small room. About the size of a typical living room. So her I am trying to learn how to pick up woman while strangers are giving us dirty looks. Jan looked like he had a coke party the night prior and right away I knew I had made a mistake.

I learned nothing new and to make things worse he encouraged us to not take no for an answer ever, no matter how many times we hear it. A student came back to the group after an infield approach and asked Jan "what do I do if she walks away?" Jan replied "you follow her, keep following her. If she has a problem with it you tell here it's a free world and you can walk, stand, shop anywhere you please. Keep talking to her as you follow her around and yell what you have to say so she hears you". Things got scary after that as these clueless men put there faith in program and did what he said. Well I watched as the class now harassed and clawed woman walking on the street during the day. The woman were polite at first but after saying no more than twice ran away in fear. One woman aggressively flagged down a cab as her friend was calling the police. I know because I shadowed.

His videos were so short and we never got to see what the girls looked like. Vancouver is a very active city and from behind even woman in there 60's look slim and fit. I asked to see an entire interaction but he mysteriously didn't have them with him.

This was such a bad experience and I want nothing more than to help the other Asian men that might get sucked in by his lies. And now trouble is beginning, read this article and it is about him; Search for Pick-Up Artists Vancouver to read the article.

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Please post in the appropriate section. This should be in Reviews.

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