The secreats to weight loss and getting bigger by Tuck

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:12 am 
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Hello all I'm Tom/Tuck, I'm a personal trainer and as alot of you are asking how to loose weight or get bigger i figure ill write this and tell you all about it:

Ok this is a LONG post so yea, have fun reading it:

There are 3 types of people these are:

These people are naturally skinny and find it hard to put on muscle or fat, they are suited to sports like long distance running and have a naturally fast metabolism. If you think this is your body type then depending on your goals will depend on how we could program your training, for example you if you want to put on muscle then we would concentrate more on the hypertrophy stage of training (see below for types of training).

These people are naturally predisposed to put on fat, they usually have a big frame and they can put on a decent amount of muscle which is often overlooked by there fat stores. They have a naturally slow metabolism. A good sport for people of this body type is the shot-put. For these types of people depending on what they wanted we could work on their ability to put on muscle before burning fat, however this will be done though nutritional means as well as though fat burn training.

These people are characteristically lean in fat and put on muscle easily. They usually have a fast metabolism and a naturally big frame. Good sports for these people would be things like rugby. If you think this is you then your goals should be relatively easy to do.

There are 3 types of training, see them as building a house, so we first set the foundations (Endurance) we then put the bricks on (Hypertrophy) and then we add windows ect (Strength)

During this phase of training we will be focusing on getting used to using our muscles in our body. We will be using their full range of motion and doing high reps at a low weight to get our muscles used to being used. It also provides the foundation layer of muscle, as well as working the smaller muscles in our body to maximise the potential of our training. This is the essential building block before any other type of training can begin, from body builders to marathon runners; everyone starts on the basic phases of stabilisation and endurance training.

This is where we make the muscles grow which leads to strength. In this stage of training, we would want to make the weight around 70% of the maximum you can push, so for example, if you can leg press 100kg, the weight would be at 70kg. At this point in our training cycle we are looking for the mid rep range, this is mainly used to bulk the muscle up, so we are building on the foundations of the endurance phase.

This is where we add in all our definition and tone to the muscle, so going back to our house analogy, we have set the foundation (endurance), we have put in the bricks (hypertrophy) and now we are finishing up with the exterior design (strength.) This is the shortest of the training cycles, and is around the 80-100% max, hence why you should only be aiming to do 1-5 rep of your max rep.

Now this will work on a rough 12 week cycle, 6 weeks for endurance, 4 weeks hypertrophy and 2 weeks strength.

Theres a load of diffrent ways to do this but heres whats worked for my clients and me:
3 day split- 6 times a week...
Day 1- Long slow duration 30 min-1hr running (8-10kph)
Day 2- Endurance weights, around 50-60% of your 1 rep max, 15 reps
Day 3- HIT training (Periferal heart action)

Now for the HIT training what I like to do is pair things up, heres a few that I use all to be done without rest until the entire set is complete:
Row 300m
20 kettle bell swings [16kg]
15 clean and snatch [12kg]
5 deadlift WITH CORRECT TECHNIQUE [50kg]
10 burpees/chinurpees [basicly a burpee but with a pullup at the end]
6 sets

Another example
30 second sprints
5 chinurpees
10 sets


40 min spin bike with medicine ball
Mix between 30 secs hill climb seated/standing/sprints/hovers/jumps/leans
30 secs medicin ball chest press/turns/throws

400 meter sprintsx100 meter rests until failier

These are just a few examples of what you can do, now onto diet:

For those of us in the UK the goverment made the eatwell plate...its shit, the americans made the US Food pyrimid, its good, google it if your looking for something to go by...

The Starvation Effect
Adipose tissue has been found to produce several signalling proteins or hormones, which appear to have
far reaching effects on metabolism. One such hormone is leptin.

As fat cells increase in size they produce more leptin, and the levels of leptin are directly proportional to
the levels of body fat or adipose tissue. Fat loss will reduce leptin levels, whilst fat
gain will cause a corresponding increase. If a reduction in
body fat happens too quickly some studies have postulated that it may initiate the starvation response.

This starvation response is thought to have originated from our hunter gatherer evolutionary ancestors. As
the body often went for long periods without food when meat was scarce, it developed a way of preserving
its most valuable energy store, body fat, in order to assure longer survival. It also reduced daily calorie
needs by reducing the volume of ‘energy hungry’ muscle tissue, thereby lowering metabolism.
Typical dieting alone will likely bring about this response and often leads to weight cycling up and down,
which has been linked with poor nutritional levels of health. Understanding this response can help so that
we do not restrict calories too severely and bring about a fat storing environment. To reset the body’s “fat
thermostat” requires a slower more sustainable rate of weight loss, accompanied by a gradual increase in
physical activity.

So some Tips

Eat green vegitables, particually broccoli and coliflower-there a thermogen
Eat clean
-250kcals from your diet every 21 days to see results
Eat carbs for fuel
NO SUGAR (the less the better)
Increase intake of vitamins and minarals (To see effect and what food is in please message me with your e-mail and i will e-mail it all over to you)

Harrison Benedict formula:

Men: BMR = 66 + (13.7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) – (6.8 x age)
Women: BMR = 655 + (9.6 x weight in kg) + (1.8 x height in cm) – (4.7 x age)

Note: 1 inch = 2.54 cm
1 kg = 2.2 lbs
1 stone = 14 lbs

Now you guys can figure out how many kcals you need so just a few tips:

4kcals per gram of carbohydrates
4kcals per gram of protein
7kcals per gram of alchole
9kcals per gram of fat

Hope this hopes any questions please post below, cheers, Tom/Tuck

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:19 am 
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Its also occured to me that alot of you will want training styles so heres a few to get you started:

GVT (German volume training)
10 reps x 10 sets 30-60 secs rest 60-70% of 1 max rep
EDT (Endurance Training)
15 mins bicep curls-tricep pushdowns (No rest for the entire 15 mins when you go to failier on 1 swop)
Drop sets
10 x3 sets
on the 4th- failier take of weight, repeat till no weight

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