Don't forget, LOOKS MATTER.

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A great deal of Pick up artists and those training to be such on this site will often say that looks don't matter. This is bullshit. They do.

They aren't the be all end all to getting what you want, but they definitely matter.

If you have a guy who's wearing something boring, say some old faded worn out blue jeans, raggedy shoes, and a t-shirt he got for free. Let's say the shirts a few sizes too big and just looks sloppy and it doesn't match the blue jeans which have some unflattering holes in them and the shoes don't match the jeans or the shirt.

Then let's say this guy is fat and short, has wild unkept hair [not in a sexy messy hair way], he's balding a bit, wears glasses and has thick bifocal coke bottle glasses with the least flattering frames. Also he's out of shape to the point he's got bad posture and can barely stand straight and occasionally needs to sit down and rest.

Can this guy get laid if he studies Pick-up? Will knowing various pick up strategies and the psychology behind it all help him? Of course. If he works at it and is using the right tone of voice and knowing when to escalate with kino and push-pull and all that jazz he can very well get laid more than a socially awkward gym rat. This doesn't mean that looks don't matter.

Saying looks don't matter is sorta like saying having a quarter back who can run the ball well doesn't matter. You've got Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Farve, Joe Montana, Ben Rothlisburger etc. who's 40 yard dash time I'm sure I can beat pretty easily. These guys are either in the hall of fame or will be because they're that good and they all have super bowl rings [plural]. If you were to look at their accomplishments and say that the ability to run the ball as a QB doesn't matter YOU'D BE WRONG! It's not required to succeed. Doesn't mean it doesn't matter.

You also have Micheal Vick, Aaron Rogers, Steve Young, Cam Newton, etc. Who can pass well and have impressive running ability. In the case of someone like Rogers who's got QB ratings that make Brady and Manning jealous at times it definitely makes him all the more terrifying for the defense that not only can he simply rely on passing the ball and do well, but he's able to run too.

It's kinda the same with Pick up.
It's a bit silly that anyone on this site or any pick up artist every says looks don't matter, cause there's multiple guys out here talking about peacocking. Well, with peacocking it's more than just your clothing and accessories.
Personally my approach strategy is to not have to approach.

I work out regularly and wear clothes that're nice and have something of interest to talk about. Doing this causes girls to come and talk to me without me having to say anything to begin with. But, that's my thing. Maybe you like to make an approach.

Think of it like this. If a girl you're talking to starts giving you shit and is just being difficult to the point shit isn't fun anymore and she's the lowest you'd accept as far as attraction goes you'll probably just stop talking to her and not deal with doing that much work for someone who you weren't that into to begin with. But if she's your personal 10/10 and she's acting the same way you might reason that it's not too big a deal and you'll figure some way to deal with this shit and be a bit more lenient and more persistent.

Girls do the same thing. If some obnoxious guy is talking to her and he's fucking up and saying weird shit, she's gonna ignore him and blow him off. But if some super hot musclebound guy who dresses well and has great posture is being obnoxious and doing the same shit the other guys doing she'll give him a little leway and maybe just tell him to cut it out, but not just write him off so quickly.

I feel like the point of a community is to help where/when/however u can.

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