Your very own Orgy group. Step by step guide.

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You have game? haha, doesn't fucking matter if you do or don't, this will work out and you'll get laid more than likely.

The skills and attributes you'll need for this are patience and organizational skills and a bit of persistence.

Things you don't actually need but well definitely make your success much more likely.
Having a place of your own you can host this party [can be a hotel room].
A car to make it to events that're too far away to walk or ride the bus [there's always uber].
Alcohol for the party [but really, it's not out of the question to suggest others bring it, if they're coming to your party]

Step 1.
Create a group where you can converse with people who plan on going to your party. Personally I advise getting a kik account and making a kik group. Give it a name that stands out.

Step 2.
Recruitment. Post an advertisement for the group and be specific about what you're looking for. Personally I find Craigslist pretty useful for this. I'll post two adds each week, sometimes just one.

An add in the MM4W section that says you're looking for women to join your orgy group. I'll post one there and in the add mention I'm looking for attractive fit women looking to join my orgy group, they don't have to be models, but I'm not interested in anyone who's overweight [in the past when I don't mention I don't want fat chicks I get a bunch of fat chicks responding, if I mention I want hot chicks I get less women responding and a lot of spam]. In the post I'll type m4mw, mm4mw, mm4ww, m4ww, etc. to cover all bases on the search so women who go on craigslist will see my post. Then you give the Kik name and tell them to message you on kik about the group as well as putting the kik code for the group.

For the guys, which you need for it to work, you post in the mw4m and mw4mm and w4mm etc. section [you can just put those in your post] and just give them your kik name, but not the group and be ready to get flooded with guys trying to join the group.

You can also advertise on fetlife, that's worked pretty well for me as well.

Step 3.
If you're using kik for this there's an option to send a live pic from your camera. To weed out catfish and bots make a rule that everyone should send you or one of your moderators a live pic to verify they are indeed a real person and they are who they say they are. This makes people in your group more comfortable to come to a party and makes it so you know people aren't bullshitting you.

Step 4.
Planning a party. You want to have at least 1 week notice but not much more than 2 or 3 weeks for a party. Just chat and get to know people in the group for a bit and then figure out which date is going to work out for a party. Set a date and stick with it. After you confirm enough men and women are coming to the party you can post an event on fetlife as well. You can suggest people bring alcohol and snacks [one party I threw I was kinda strapped for groceries... I didn't tell them that, but I suggested people bring a dish to try. One guy asked if there was anything else I might want and I jokingly said a pack of cigarettes and he bought me a pack of fucking cigarettes, plus everyone brought food and alcohol and left it at my house. I made some food too.]

When people show up, don't expect shit to happen right away. Usually it takes about an hour or so before people feel comfortable to start fucking, especially if it's your first party.

As your group gets larger you'll want to promote people to be moderators so it's not so much work for you. But if you follow these steps you should be able to throw a party in about 3 weeks time from the moment you start putting in the work. I've lost count of how many I've had. One week I had 5 parties.

Recently I kinda gave it up and let someone else have control of my group. I just didn't really care to do that anymore and decided to work on other shit in life. Hope this helps you. Let me know how your parties work out.

I feel like the point of a community is to help where/when/however u can.

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