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 Post subject: Fucking Oneitis
PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:44 pm 
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I am absolutely floored with a sudden revelation. I've been interested in a girl for ages (oneitis) but I had more or less let her know of my intentions. Anyway, although we share classes, she disappears and reappears. It's almost magic - I guess she could be David Blaine's daughter. Anyway, I've found myself in a financial position that can threaten my livelihood and life the way I know it. Since she disappears and reappears, combined with her social group (she and I don't have the same groups and I don't join her group purely because I haven't been able to integrate with them without feeling like I'm supplicating and DLV.) As I've stated in previous posts, she's resisted my advances not rejected them. And I feel that the more she's on my mind, the lower my value is to her and more importantly, the further away from my goal I will be. I've therefore decided to give up the chase even though I'm attracted to her to focus on fixing up my financial lifestyle. It might DHV from playing hot and cold even though I'm not really pushing it. From PUAs worldwide, am I an AFC or is this the right thing to do? I cannot seem to balance work, sports and dating. Alternatively, any idea how to accelerate the rapport and hit hot and cold, push pull? I'm getting tired of being sidetracked as I feel that I am more and more gradually chasing her...

 Post subject: Re: Fucking Oneitis
PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:06 pm 
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Then stop chasing her if that is how you feel.

Give up and find another girl. SHE IS REJECTING YOU.

Politely. Some girls are amazing and I mean world class at it.

There once was a ten I know, and I mean 10 as in she's modelled for well known global brand. After I approached and had a brief chat she left me feeling on top of the world. Only for me to realise about 5mins later I had just been skillfully rejected. You may not see it sometimes. But trust me. Its happening with you.

Also the most important thing is sorting your inner game. You don't have enough high quality women in your life. I had oneitis recently and still have it and that was the problem for me.

So I'm working on building a bigger social circle, sarging more and trying to get in and around higher quality girls.

You have gotta want it, as bad as you wanna breath...

Then you'll be successful!

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