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 Post subject: Introducing myself
PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:24 am 
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Hello PUAs and AFC,
This is my first time and first day join the PUA forum! in matter of fact, this is my first time
joining a forum! so this whole thing is new to me!
I just start reading Neil Strauss's the game, through a friend's recommendation,
I find it fascinating! because I always want to pick up a girl i desire, however I don't
know what to say and when to say what! I am thinking there must be something i could
say at the right time to win their heart! so here I am in this fantastic place to learn from
I am at my mid 20s
I'm from Boston MA USA
I got into the game through a friend introduce me to Neil Strauss's book called "The Game"
I'm just getting started and my goal is to pick up any girls or women at any place and any situation anytime that I desire and to help others
if you are near by, lets meet up, sarge, learn, and help each other ;)

 Post subject: Re: Introducing myself
PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:39 pm 
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1. Realize there is no "perfect" time.
2. Don't fear rejection. Approach Approach Approach.
3. Constantly escalate the interaction. You are trying to sex the girl not be her friend.
4. Learn about body language
5. Learn some openers. Make your own.
6. Know that it's a slow process and you will have ups and downs.
7. Use a lot of sexual innuendos.
8. Use a lof of kino.
9. Learn to be an alpha.
10. Know how to pass shit tests.
11. Don't fear rejection.
12. Don't fear rejection.
13. Approach every girl you like.
14. Approach people in general and learn to be more social.
15. Learn IOIS and be on the lookout for them.

There is a lot to learn. Can't sum up the whole game in a post. That's why books are written. Just work on first getting approach anxiety out of the way and learn to keep a convo going and interesting. From there you can learn to look for IOIS, Body language, working on kino escalation, escalation in general, transitions, by passing cock blockers, dealing with shit tests, etc...

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