Salvaging a "broken" relationship

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:52 am 
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Hi guys, first time posting, would like to know what to do in these types of sitiations, heres a copy paste of what my long distance long time girlfriend sent me:

"Okay im going to try to be as honest as possible
You cant imagine to what point hurting you is the last thing i want to do, but the not talking for a couple of days really set a trigger. I started looking around and being maybe slightly interested and or physically attracted in other guys that i would see around me , in a way compensating for the attention that i was lacking or me just being a shitty person and even now unintentionally i still have that “out there” personality towards them even though they know i have a boyfriend which i made clear"

We had a conversation after this but it went pretty much the same way, and i should mention i didnt talk to her because i made her a promise that if she didnt me multiple.times after seeing my question that i would ignorer her until she would.

Regardless, i still hold some affection for this sorry excuse of a girlfriend and im open to suggestions on how to ""fix"" this relationship.

Things to know:
Shes very imsecure,
Very needy,
Very jealous,
Was never interested in other guys before this,
Short and cute, doesnt trust me due to past relationships
Together for more than a year

If you need any more info by all means hmu

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:34 pm 
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I was on the same boat as you. The similarities are amazing

And that girl saved my life for the better.
Heres my 2 cent!

You cant salvage it, LTR doesnt work especially with girls that are needy and insecure, it takes alot of maturity and having plan for it to work (plan like .. in 6 months im going to study to your city or whatever)

She is pushing you around flaking you, and saying mean things , so U break up with her. That her plan.... its women mentality as it best, And if u keep feeding her or trying to hold her more... the faster u going to lose her.

You have to play poker with her ... See who bluffs and who folds

I do understand everthing u going through but you need to think what u want...when u have full understood what u want , u give me call... , I will think also on us.

And then u simply ignore her , one day 2 day 3 days untill she contacts you ... u go out have fun. if she tries to banther in way to disrupt your frame you keep steady and strong. She will try to reach you... with small talk.

if she truly likes you she will miss you.

And that what you want.. if not ...

Well u have to go your separate ways.

Oh! You've gotta be kidding me!

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