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 Post subject: Hi Guys Newbie here
PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:06 pm 
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Really would like to lnkw this womans level of attraction i cant gauge it. We were just out 3 nites ago for a coffee date with multiple intense make out sessions, petting and hand holding as we drove around . She seemed quite attracted. We are 37 shes recently divorced and reached out to me. She is a 10/10 fitness model.

Here is the text exchange when i asked her out again yesterday.( i know probably to soon)

Me: So that little highschool make out sesh of ours was pretty fucking hot. When are you free next week id want to see you again.

Her: - lol
Her: - im working all week and off to Toro to friday morning
Her: -😜
Her: - so you want to see me again do ya?

Me: Yes
Me : Maybe πŸ™„

Her: -lol
Me: And you only told me when your busy not free.
- i dont want to fuck you up
- ruin your relationship
- that just wouldnt be fair. ( I told her im in an open relationship)
- We could keep the other nite it just a friendly coffe between us? ( She was making out hard with me)

Me: Whoa slow your roll tiger. and of course its just between us. Besides thats not what you want.


- what? lol .
- going to to see Danni for the weekend we will see where that goes ( She mentioned this was a potential business partner but its a married guy)
- We had this planned for a little bit but i did want to see you and catch up ( Just seen her two nights prior i counldnt tell if she meant again or the one time 2 nites ago.)
- i may have to come in your way tomorrow. ( I told her next week?)
- i love when you disaapear mid conversation ( This came 20 mins after the previous text)
- have a good nite lol.

(She had me irritated so i wrote this.)

Me: Lol its all good doll. Sounds like your pretty busy so give me a call when you schedule clears up and maybe we can plan somthing then. Hope you have a great trip you desearve it. ( Shes 4 mths out of a shite relationship.)

Her : -Ok sounds good.

 Post subject: Re: Hi Guys Newbie here
PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:55 pm 
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Welcome to the forum! hopefully someone more experienced can give you some advice

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