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Hey all, I've been hanging around these forums for a little while now and I think it's time I do this.

I'd like to think of myself as a PUA of average ability. I'm really looking to take my game to the next level, so please offer me any tidbits of wisdom as I update this journal. I like using a variety of methods to meet women - online, and in bars/clubs mostly- though I'm trying to start using some day game. I'll try using text chat transcripts as well as voice recordings of encounters to give you guys the best awareness of the situation so that your critique would be really focused.

I've got exams coming up, so I wont be doing much day game until after that. For now, here is what I have going on.

A little background on me:
Appearance: Above average ---- 6'1, tall, dark hair and dark eyes - good jawline, not that muscular up top (body has been described as 'rectangle-shaped' by some). Not exactly chubby at 210 lbs, but trying to work out and get toned these days. I'm starting a green juice diet as you guys will tell in the subsequent chat logs I am about to post.

Biggest strengths: I think it's conversation and putting girls at ease (note: not banter - I don't think I'm the greatest at escalating sexually with convo). Semi-quick wit, decent at thinking on my feet.

Biggest weaknesses: Lack of sexual confidence probably due to fear, also slight fear of approach. Also- self consciousness.

Occupation: Med student

I'm thick skinned so please don't worry about making your criticisms soft - I prefer blunt replies.

Preston's Game Log - Please critique

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Okay so here's girl 1: We'll call her Shelly. Background with her - I messaged her a looong time ago on okcupid, and wasn't in contact with her for a period of about 2 months. Recently messaged her again, and gave her my number, told her to shoot me a text. We've had a few substantial text convos since. Here are the text logs. I included everything, just so you could get a good idea of the situation and in your feedback let me know if I'm rambling too much, doing the right thing by eliciting values, etc.

Keep in mind, we've never met - just checked each others' pics out online.

Her: Sorry I left so suddenly. Tell me more about this Will Smith infatuation... ;)
Me: If I keep talking about mancrushes, I am at serious risk of losing my last man-card :P
Her: Why not? :( lol
Me: Also.. you get up at 830 on a non-school non-work day? I'm impressed
Her: Not normally. I had problems sleeping on vacation, so I've been crashing WAY earlier than normal, so I wake up WAY earlier than normal. See no need to change w school starting back soon

Me: Nighttime. The city is alive and thrumming with life, beckoning me to emerge from this study cocoon. You have no excuses though - I hope you're heading out to play
Her: Heading back from a local baseball game to get ready and go to the club. When's your exam?
Me: 1 week. Will have to step it up if I want to do well.
Her: Final?
Me: Yesss. Then I'm done for a while.
Her: I'll be back next Friday. We can go party it up after. Lol :)
Me: It'll have to wait till I get back from up north, but looking forward to it.
Her: :D
Me: Now stop texting and go shake it.
Her: I gotta put on my skanky clothes first, plus it's way too early. The sun is still out. Lol.
Me: Stop putting these distracting images in my head.
Her: Lol. and what kind of images are these...;)
Me: Tee Hee
Her: Wtf response was that?
Me: A pretty accurate one. Don't let the texting cut into your prep time.. I know chicks take loooong to get themselves preened for the club.
Her: Wait until you get to know me.. actually almost ready. Mostly goofing around talking to my gf. She says she wants to do my make up. OK! I'm the worst girl. Lol. And this "tee hee" business... Makes me doubt you're who you say you are....

I didn't reply back.

2 days later, she initiates.

Her: How's studying?
Me: It stinks but I'm cool. I should be okay for the exam. In the meantime I've got call until 9 tonight. Had a green smootie for breakfast so I should feel good all day.
Her:What did you put in your smoothie? If I'm awake for breakfast and am not being lazy, I'll do a smoothie or Greek yogurt.
Me: All my smoothies have lemon. I usually rotate the leafy green (kale, parsley, cilantro, sometimes dandelion greens). For the base I usually go with cucumber or avocado.
Her: Spinach is good. No flavor tho. I've been eating avocado with my frittatas that I make. Yum! I just got a juicer earlier in the month. Helps me eat the few veg I'm not a fan of.
Me: I also just purchased a juicer. It will arrive in like a week or so, so it's a reward for finishing the exam.
Her: Asparagus juice... Yuck! Love grilled asparagus, but watch out when you put it in the juicer... :-\
Me: Nice. Are you using a centrifugal or masticating one?
Her: Hell if I know.. Lol let me see if I can find it online and send a link
Me: Haha. I'll have to try it sometime. Asparagus is supposedly filled with antioxidants
Her: It's also a diuretic. Read a book about juicing by "the juice lady" and she had so many recipes with various purposes. The one for water retention...
Me: It's so rare to find someone who is as enthusiastic about this stuff as I am. Which juicing book? I wanna check it out if I haven't already.
Her: I thought I was going to vomit, but it apparently worked for my mom. Lol I need to be healthier, and if this gets me eating more veg than normal (which it does) then I'm all for it. I hate orange veg, but love carrot and beer juice.
Me: Beer or beet? Hopefully the latter, haha
Her: Haha! Gotta love autocorrect. Yes beet, although beer is delicious, I wont put it in the juicer. Lol Fyi I'm not about "lose weight quick schemes." Mom had the book, always wanted to try juicing, read it.
Me: Me neither. I was really inspired to start juicing as a lifestyle after watching a few documentaries and reading up on people like mimi kirk and kris carr. Damn I could talk about this for hours.
Her: I could too
Her: It's weird. I hate cooking, but juicing and making smoothies isn't so bad. Lol there's often more prep with juicing than cooking! LOL
Me: Yeah, but always worth it, I think. Anything that is cooked is actually recognized in your body as a foreign substance and your immune system attacks it it. There is a degree of immunologic activation each time you eat something cooked. Okay my boss is giving me that weird look, I gotta get back to work.
Her: I worked with vegetarians, vegans, health fanatics. "in my previous life" Asheville has all sorts of colorful ppl. One did juicing and I became curious.
Me: I'm definitely an aspiring vegan. It didn't help that I had fish last night though.
Her: Props to you! I understand how healthy it is, but I couldn't do it. Love to have a rare steak every now and then. Love salmon and tuna. Monthly I CRAVE ice cream like there's no tomorrow, but my protein smoothies help with that. Lol.

The next day (which is today), she initiates once more.

Her: Drinking wine with a gf. Are you "Exacting?"
Me: Lucky. No I'm waiting for my juicer to ship and making smoothies in the meantime.
Her: No. Exact. I have no idea what you thought I meant.
Me: Oooh. I thought you meant "extracting" and just got owned by autocorrect again. For some perverse reason I now associate you with green juice.
Me:Red wine is my favorite, but I also like the light fruity stuff. Now I'm hungry
Her: I LOVE dry red wine.
Her: Exact as in particular. Do things with purpose, intent. Focus.
Me: Thanks for the lesson
Her:You haven't answered the question
Me: clearly my mind is on other things. Must focus. 3 more days.
Her:That's ok, you are Dr. duck face.. .Lol everybody has a nickname and mine must have "green juice" in it.
Me: Dr duck face sounds strangely sexy. I want to meet a woman doctor worthy of that title :x
Her: No. MY mind is clearly on other things......................
Her:I don't get that last sentence...
Me:You are juicy G ...or lean green. Ugh no those are terrible nicknames. Brain is fried.
Her: I'm by no means "lean" lol
Me: You're certainly not chubby.. i don't think.
Her: What are you studying?
Her: I consider myself "average." One guy friand said I was curvy. Anotehr said "not curvy enough" so I guys it's all in your perspective. I'm certainly not thin tho. I am who I am Lol.
Me: I like it.
Her: Ok. If you say so. LOL I know I'm not everybody's cup of tea. Which I don't even like so it's a bad analogy.
Me: By the way you should know that I am jacked...jk
Her: Wtf does that even mean?
Me: Very strong: someone with huge muscles: eg. "he is so jacked! It looks like all that time in the gym is paying off."
Her: Thanks for the context clues AND definition. Much obliged :P
Her: I'm feeling flirty
Me: Ya no kidding. I'm gonna get back to studying lungs... you should tease a random guy on okcupid.
Me: be really dirty and send me the chat transcript later.
Her: Eh. Then they continue to bother me. Too clingy. No thanks.
Her: Why not just skip the step and be dirty with you? ;) lol
Me: Ya but I'm busy right now. Damn woman control yourself!
Her: Enjoy the lungs. I get to learn about them next semester in AP2 *rolls eyes* I hope my prof this time is better than the last
Me: 50 shades of gray. Use it to satiate yourself...For now
Her: *stamps foot* but I don't wanna! Lol jk. Night
Her: Already read it. It blew. There are far more enjoyable reads out there. Besides, that's not flirting back
Me: I wanna flirt with you in person. Texting is cool but it just doesn't hit the spot...I prefer being hands on.
Her: Rock on! We should get a glass of red wine somewhere when you get back. But I'm shy in person and slightly prudish, until you really get to know me. Then you're in for it. Lol

Preston's Game Log - Please critique

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I wish I had this kind of phone game. You're doing fantastic! You always leave her wanting more and you're definitely DHVing. By the time you meet with her in person, it'll be on.

Smiley ;)

Want to follow each other on Twitter and keep each other updated on progress in the game of pickup? just send me a direct message telling me your PUA name. Let's help each other out!

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Exams are done and I'm trying to start some daygame. I'm pretty new to daygame so I'll see how it goes. Yesterday wasn't great for my game:

Most guys who know me will realize I'm really nitpicky about girls, especially when it comes to the hottest women, so it takes a lot for me to classify a woman as a HB9 or 10.

With that in mind, I walked by an HB9 in the grocery store yesterday. She was dressed in a sexy semi-professional dress and I was in a t shirt and basketball shorts. I think that played into me not approaching her. I glanced, made eye contact briefly then looked away, slightly intimidated by her. This is not the case with most girls, but when I see a really, really fine woman I am instantly intimidated like I am sure most guys are. Will need to keep working on approaching these fine women and building up confidence. I guess I'll also save the Tshirt and basketball shorts for the gym.

Preston's Game Log - Please critique

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