The Forge: Day 1 - Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere

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Backstory: I was active on another forum, and gamed this place in Mar Vista, CA, that’s no longer operating. That was considered outside the industry, even though it was a spot where many in the industry would hang out. They’re more of the grunts and non-Hollywood studio executives. Now, as my acting starts ramping up, I’m spending more time with a higher level of Hollywood. It just so happens that my Forger persona is on the rebound.

I was invited by my friend to go to a Hollywood premiere tonight.

After throwing on one of my best non-tuxedo street wear, we head out.

After meeting up with more social media influencers (which apparently, I’m considered now), I immediately noticed all the HBs. I’m taking solid 7-9s with the occasional 4. Taking in Hollywood’s elite, I stayed silent, slowly watching all the interactions happening around me. I like to feel the vibe of the event first, and adjust accordingly. My game is focused on staying under the radar. I’m a pretty big guy, so the silent suits me. More mysterious and whatnot.

I saw a sibling-student of mine who has the same acting mentor. She was working, while I was there for the leisure. I wasn’t sure if we locked eyes, but she would always smile a bit. Now thinking about it, I think she wasn’t, because of the blinding lights and cuz she didn’t know I was coming.

After surveying crowd and people going into the theater, I saw her looking down, and I looked away. When I looked back, she was gone. I figured she had gone into the theater, but she then I noticed a ponytail in front of her: it was her! I stiffened up a bit, ready to lay some game. When I walked up to her, I put my hand lightly on her shoulder. She turned and her eyes got wide!

She was a solid 7. HB7 and I hugged for a quick second and she started asking questions, I remain calm and relaxed while answering questions. I flipped the table on her about her stuff. She’d been working a LOT. I already knew nothing was gonna come of it, but it was a good way to already know someone other than my friends. Afterwards, we said our farewells.

In comes blonde HB8 and her cousin. They’re cool, but I already know the train had been ran on her, and now she’s acting something else. Not a fan. They’re friends of my friends and we know each other, but I let her get hit on by the other thirsty dudes in the place.

In comes another brunette HB8 and her sister. This HB8 is bubbly and very open. I start with a typical opener. She asks me how things have been, which I respond with some important details. I keep in mind that it’s important to not give ALL details. I ask her the same. She gives responses, which I playfully play along. She’s touching my arm lightly during the exchanges.

Security moves everyone to the theater. Needless to say, I came for why I came, and that was the red carpet. I was HANGRY. So I went for some sushi in the complex where the arclight dome sat. I chat with one of my friends while the movie’s going on in the theater. We walk up Hollywood boulevard, acting like the other tourists. There’s something liberating about being an actor no one recognizes. Nobody treats you differently.

Afterwards, we move to the after party, and all the HBs are in one place. Blonde HB8 gets hit on by the agents and actors in the place. Again, not a fan. She knows how to use what she got. A female pickup artist for sure. Brunette HB8 gets pulled far and few between, but she’s more humble about everything. I focus my efforts on just chilling and relaxing while quietly drinking wine. Taking in everything. There’s more red carpets for me, I know that for sure. So I’m taking this in, because I’ll soon be the main attraction.

I close my eyes to focus on the conversations happening around me, when I hear a voice. Brunette HB8 attempts to get me in a conversation she’s having with an agent friend of ours. I normally respond and ask her when we get some private time if she’s ever taken the time to truly take in the room. She responded that she didn’t, and I responded that there’s a LOT of people, all with different stories. She took it in, and looked around the room, surprised at how many people there really were.

Saw the event staff HB7, outside and decided to take a step outside. I asked if she was leaving, and she said not yet (she had her pack with her.) She asked me if I was, and I misheard and said yes, then no. She was a bit confused and tried to shoot the shit with me, but I rebounded nicely and said I was with a group. I told her that when she was ready, come find me. And I excused myself back inside to the HB8 brunette.

We start with some light kino, and laughing while enjoying each other’s company. She wants more wine, but didn’t know where to look. I flagged down a waitress like a BOSS, and grabbed two glasses. I gave one to her, and she was estatic. The buddy that I walked down Hollywood with had a glass for her as well, but I was just quick enough. Agent friend pulls her away to chat with studio execs.

My group starts to leave, so I was getting blonde HB8 and cousin. They wanted to go with us, but decided to hang back because there was a party (so they say, right?) and we let her stay. I flagged down brunette HB8, to say bye, when another blonde HB6.5 and I strike up a conversation. I was taken off guard, but recovered nicely as I listened to her talk.

Buddy hurried me that we needed to go. After a couple back and fourth with each other and some light mono, I told her that she was fun, and asked for her IG (as is the norm in Hollywood now.) She pulled out a card with her info, and told me that her cell was on there. Real estate sales. Nice. # closed

Saw another girl that I knew, HB4 that saw me when I was high, drunk, and did a line of coke (NEVER AGAIN). We laughed it off. But eh.

HB7 found me and she was leaving. We hugged several times and planted the seed for hanging out later.

When we drove back to Woodland Hills, I opened the door for HB8 and she grabbed onto me. I have her my arm as we moved inside. As my friends went to their rooms, HB8 asks if I could take her and her sister home. I said sure. This was it! What I was working for all night.

As we drove to her house, she talked about how her sister wanted to start being involved in content creation, and she didn’t know her niche. Understandable. I told her that we could find it, and that after shooting with some of us, she’d have a better idea.

We got to their house, and she asked if I wanted to smoke before heading back. I played it cool. We walked into their house, her and I went to her room and her BIG ASS closet. She pulled up Netflix and tasked me with finding a movie. I tried finding a horror movie, to help set a mood. We sat in two chairs.

Suddenly, she got up, scared of a spider and told me to kill it. Instead of slapping it to death, I decided to just punch it into the ground. She was surprised and got me a piece of toilet paper. After dispensing with it, I joked that I should get a reward like a hug for my efforts. She laughed and said sure, but she was rolling. Not being too aggressive, I let her continue.

As she rolled up, we chatted about her skills. Her nail broke through one of them, which I then had an opportunity to shoot the shit. She playfully responded. After saving the blunt, I complimented her on her room as she pulled off her girl long thin jacket thing. She proceeded to open every door to her closet to show me. Looking back on it now, I should’ve gotten up, but I stayed seated.

Her dog came into the room, and he was attracted to me. She wa surprised, and I am a self-proclaimed dog whisperer. The movie came on, and we watched it. She admitted that she wasn’t paying too much attention to it, and I agreed. I didn’t make any moves though. However, as I got high, I became more entranced by the movie. Her dog was also giving me a lot of attention, but started to do that low growl thing because I think I was getting too close.

When her dog hopped onto her, I decided to make my move. I slowly rested my forearm on her leg as I petted her dog. But she said that was probably going to sleep, and started to get ready to walk me out. FUCK. I tried playing the card I made earlier with the hug, which was nice, but I had lost this battle. We walked to her front door, and she went in for another hug as we said our farewells.

I have a card that I normally play as a last resort when things go sour. The kiss on the forehead. Gets them every time, and a good way to end the night. As I went in, she stared intently. She probably thought I was going for a kiss on the lips, but nah. Forehead peck. As we parted, she started to back away, and that was when I knew I needed to go. As I left though, she kept saying bye until I was down at the bottom of the stairs. I dunno what that was about.

I could’ve f-closed and I know that looking back now, I could’ve. However, being back at the pickup game, coupled with my pool of women now being Hollywood girls, and also the fact that I’ll see brunette HB8 in the future (she frequents the house we shoot at), I left the door open for a future interaction and possibly more intense experiences with her.

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