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"How would you game an Asexual?"

This thought was born after a friend of mine told me her best friend was asexual and I shouldn't even try anything.

Haha fuck that! I'm doing this in the name of Gaming Research! xD

How would the game work on a HB with a low sexual drive?

That's what I wanna find out.

Though I personally don't believe I'm experienced enough yet to make this 100 % fair to the Game.

But you guys will help me with that

So a lil back story:

It all really started last year. I had a gig with my band. And when we were backstage I loudly talked about The Game as I had recently discovered it.

I said a pretty stupid thing on my way out to soundcheck, and she heard it.

I said "It's basicly how you fuck a chick in 7 hours"

That's not at all what the game is, I know. But my slow friends didn't get it so I dumbed it down a lot.

But HB9 was sitting outside when I walked out of the door and said it pretty load and I think she heard. And I thought to myself:

"haha fuck, I guess I wont be gaming her anytime soon"

Didn't really talk to her. But I did find out that she was friends with the person who got us the gig.

This person is now a friend of mine and the manager of my band. So through her lately I've been spending more time with HB9.

We met 2 times after that first gig, where I barely spoke to her at all.

But now these 2 last times I started talking to her more.

First one was before/after another gig I had. But it was on our way home where I tried to make her open up.

Was quite hard actually. I went home with 2 other friends from my class who came to see the gig so I talked with them also.

I tried to get her to comment on stuff, and I asked her a few things and I said that she would do something random when she got home

And she said "no i wont do that" and it made her laugh.

During the way home I noticed her laugh at what I said and my friends but she was very reserved.

She didn't know us so well so I can understand that. But I wanted to chagne that so I talked to her more and got her to talk and eventually she was talking as much as we were.

And I hugged her goodbye when her train came and went home with ma buddy. The first thing he said to me when she got on the train was

"Man she was hot! I had difficulties not staring!" and we laughed.

The second time was yesterday at this other gig I had.

I noticed her in the crowd when I was getting ready on stage and I made a little nod with my head to say hello and continued with what I was doing.

It was a fun gig and I think being on stage with my band served as a DHV and that I help with the screams this time might have added some DHV as well.

After the gig she walked past me to go up to the second floor and gave me thumbs up.

I went up later and spent some time with the band and our friends.

She was sitting at this table with our manager and drinking some beer and I stood there a little behind her.

I was just relaxing and not really talking to anyone when she opened me with "You look happy and lively"

I take that as an IOI. I answered. Don't remember what I said though.

But not much time after that I decided to start Gaming.

There was a girl standing next to me aswell. So I started talking to her and slightly turning my back on HB9. I made her laugh and I DHV'D quite well.

I noticed HB9 laughing also, I was talking pretty loud. It was my intent for her to hear what I said. I then suddenly remembered a trick with a pen I had learned from something the other girl said, so I asked if she had a pen.

She did, I then showed her the trick and asked if she could do it from only seeing me do it.

It looks easy when you observe, but when you try it yourself it's really hard!

I decided to turn around and make HB9 try I aswell.

After that I ran the ESP gambit(other girl), 5 Lies game (HB9), "How many 9's between 1-100" (both) Kino Gambit (both)

They laughed so much and it all went really smoothly. I felt good and the vibe was nice.

I continued talking to both but giving HB9 a little more attention now. I had kino'd her from the start, but escalated further. I remember when I first started kino was when I reached my hand over to take something. My hand brushed over her and she quickly withdrew her hand.

But later on when I had continued with the kino touching her hand wasn't a problem. She had something written on her wrist, so I took her wrist and asked her what it was.

I noticed she wasn't "giving" her wrist away 100 % but enough atleast.

I negged her a few times. Had her friend sit in my lap while talking to her and making her laugh and being playful with small negs.

After a few hours we were getting hungry so we left to find some food (not only HB9 and me, but about 5 others). On the way I was walking a bit from the group with her by my side. And we talked and the conversation was quite smooth.

I noticed she was quite the talker after all. I was thinking about if I had recieved anymore IOI's because I caught myself not even being aware if I got any.

I remembered that her pupils were dilated when she spoke to me. But that could easily be because of the dim light. I felt stupid for not watching out for IOI's, I easily forget to do that.

But I remembered her holding eye contact with me for long times. Even if we weren't talking.

I decided to stop talking to see if she would start the conversation again.

She didn't. But it felt more like she had already said everything on her mind and were struggling to come up with something to say.

I asked a friend infront of us where we were heading. He answered and then looked back and said

"Haha look at those two. They look so great together. You'd think they were a couple!"

And the others agreed.

I said "I doubt that" (was this the right response? Maybe I should've laughed while I said it.)

But then I grabbed her and pulled her towards me and held her a bit while we were walking like we were couple and made some silly sounds that made her laugh.

Then I released.

Almost everything was closed. But we found one place, but only 2 in the group bought anything. So while we waited for their food I chatted with her and the others.

And man, did I make them laugh. Watching a beautiful woman laugh so hard and you know it's thanks to you sure does feel nice.

After a while all of us went home, she and I took the same train, but only one station.

And this time I said something like

"I know what you're going to when you get home! You're going straight for your computer, then 4chan, then you're going to search for nasty shit all night"

She laughed and said she would go straight for bed. Then I said something and hugged her goodbye. I barely had the time to finish my sentence before the train had arrived at the station.

Immediately after I thought "Ah man! I should have given her a kiss on the cheek"

Which I earlier that night had touched gently with the back of my hand, It was when we were "fightning". It was very playful. I also flicked her off at some point. Flicking chicks off never fail to give me the reaction I want. It opens up for kino a lot!

I've never tried flicking off someone i've never spoken to though.

But I just flick them off with this kinda "Oh! did i just flick you off? I think i just did" expression on my face.

They usually respond like "You messing? Huh? come on I can take you"

And then we "fight" and I can kino a lot.

But about that kiss on her cheek. Should I give her one the next time we meet?

Or will it maybe show to much interest of be bad in some way?

I'll continue with how it goes with HB9 in this thread in the future!

Cya later!

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Okay update time!

I talked with my friend yesterday about HB9 and got to know some interesting things.

One thing was that he thought that if i'd kiss her on the cheek she would never talk to me again and cut off all connections with the band.

I felt like that was to drastic. Even though I also learned that she has never been in a relationship or even kissed someone it would still be to drastic.

He said we looked great together in the name of game btw. He didn't really think so, but he's natural gamer so I guess he knew that would be a good thing to say.

He also told me that the best friend of HB9 was really surprised over the fact that HB9 was walking alone with me a few meters away from the group and that she took the subway alone with me.

Apparently she has never done something like that except for one time with the friend I just spoke of (the guy not the best friend) and he told me that he heard that HB9 did find it extremely awkward.

He told me that she trys to avoid being alone with guys she doesn't know, but she didn't avoid me.

Wich suprised her best friend alot.

I take these things as great IOI's!

But that she would cut me off if I had given her the kiss of the cheek worries me.

Seems to drastic, but he made it sound like he was so sure that was how she was going to react.

But I will not think about that. I'll label that under cockblock.

But now that I know that she never even have kissed a guy I will try to build up alot, I mean alot of comfort before I do anything.

If I even do anything. I know that building to much comfort and then not escalating might put me in the friends zone, but with this girl I don't care.

Apparently she's going to start working for the band so if her relationship with me is weird the whole band suffers.

So i'll be careful.

What do you guys think?

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