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1. Check the date of the latest post in a thread before posting in it.
Nothing is more annoying to us moderators than having to lock a thread that has been dead for months or sometimes even years so that it may rest in peace. If you have been reading a lot of the threads here and find a really old thread that you REALLY think should be revived, revive it with a post that offers a lot of value and insight not already covered in the other posts... OR START A NEW THREAD ON A SIMILAR TOPIC. (If a thread has been locked and you wish to have it unlocked for any reason, PM a moderator to talk it out.)

2. Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes.
Give value and don't flame others. Flaming is what happens when you get all emotional and whiny after you read something that you disagree with. Calm down, tiger. Positivity is a lot more awesome than negativity. Trust me.

3. Be lawful.
Give credit where it is due. Cite any copyrighted material and don't talk about downloading stuff illegally. We don't want to hear about your adventures with underage girls (under 18), either.

4. Do a search before posting.
Many topics have been discussed and resolved countless times. Use the search function of this website to see if you can find the answers to your questions before posting a new thread about it.

5. Post in the appropriate section.
I don't want to see Lay Reports in the Field Reports section, approach anxiety questions in the Online Sarging section, newbie questions in the PUA Lounge, etc. Be conscious of where you are posting what.

6. One thread, one section.
A lot of newbies like to post the same thread in multiple sections of the forum to draw more attention to their issues, thinking they can get responses faster. Please do not partake in this value-sucking activity. Post one thread in just one section and be patient. If you think you would rather have your thread be in another section of the forum, delete your thread and re-post in a different section, or ask a moderator to move it for you.

7. No advertising without explicit permission from the site owner.
You can place links to your site in your forum signature, but you are not permitted to use forum posts or private messages to advertise anything. Also, repeatedly posting valueless messages like "hi" and "I agree" just to get people to see your signature link can result in a ban. Email for permission to advertise something.
Moderators are permitted to advertise.
  • 7.5 No affiliate marketing whatsoever, even in signatures. (added Oct 29, 2014)
    We've always allowed people to post links in their signatures, even if it leads to a site that's for-profit. It serves as incentive for experts to offer value on the forum. However, many regular users exploited this loophole by posting affiliate links in their signatures. It defeats the purpose for regular users to do that since those links aren't links to their own sites with their own expertise. Any average joe marketer with little to no experience can start posting BS with affiliate links in his signature and make a profit off our forum. Therefore we have banned affiliate marketing in any and every form. Moderators are allowed to promote whatever they deem worthy of promoting since it (1) serves as incentive for moderators to clean up the forum and (2) the moderators all have a proven track record of knowing which quality materials are worthy of promoting.
8. Don't hijack threads. Post a new thread if your post isn't relevant to the discussion.
For example: If you're reading a thread by a guy on how to f-close a girl he's in a relationship with and you're in a similar situation, post your OWN topic, don't post a question about your relationship in his topic, because that's rude and divides the concentration on his question; you wouldn't appreciate it, if it were your question. Also, cracking a joke here and there is fine, us mods take forum moral as a priority, but remember to get back to the topic at hand afterwards.

9. This is a forum, be open to constructive criticism.
This is a public forum and as such, when you post anything at all, be prepared to have other people with lesser and greater skill than you criticize and dissect it. Don't get offended or angry when this occurs, that is the entire point of posting here. Also, when you ask for help, be open to it and don't tell experienced and knowledgeable people that they don't know what they are talking about and being jerks; perhaps they misunderstood, so be diplomatic, or perhaps you just need to open yourself to constructive criticism.

10. No Pornography.
We aren't a strictly 18+ forum, so no linking or posting of sexually explicit material.

11. Think before you post.
Moderators are not responsible for deleting your posts or otherwise cleaning up after you when you share compromising personal information, so make sure whatever you post on the public part of the forum reflects the level of privacy you wish to maintain.

12. No forbidden patterns.
NLP patterns that are called 'forbidden' are so designated for a reason: most of them break the PUA maxim that we are to leave women better than we find them. For this reason, discussion of such techniques is not tolerated on PUAF.

13. No misogyny (woman-hating) (added Jan 2, 2014)
We understand that you might feel bitter from previous bad experiences with women, but misogyny will not do you any good. Harboring a general sense of contempt for an entire group of people is mentally unhealthy as well as unethical, and will not be tolerated on this site. You're free to express any reasonable frustrations about anonymous individuals, but please refrain from expressing any hatred or contempt for women as a whole. The only exception to this rule is if you're constructively discussing your misogynistic views with an honest and open-minded intent to fix them.

14. No illegal drug references/discussion
Please refrain from discussing illicit drugs and drug use in your posts.

*Moderators can and will use judgment to assess if material posted by members follows laws, humanity, are constructive in nature, and
adhere to good taste

The Forum Rules - Please report any rule violations by clicking on the exclamation mark button in offending posts.


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