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In many situations we have a time when a woman wants your validation, and in order to do this she chases you, her emotional brain says "I need this validation to make me feel good because this is an unusual occurance and I want to feel like I am the prize", when a woman wants your validation, she will do traditional things to become the prize again in your eyes, give you shit tests, throw hoops, touch you, talk too much, you guys know when she's doing this. However recognizing it is only the first step, next you must make her Qualify herself, in Mystery Method this is the part where she invests herself, in this way she feels like "holy shit this guy was so hard to get he's worth it", and when she realizes that she had to work for you she says to herself "this guy is gold, I've got to keep him".
Qualifying her is easy and simple, Screen her by asking Screening questions, keep the frame that you are seeing if she is good enough for you. Ask questions like "can you cook?", "do you think you could keep me entertained?"
In this way girls will not only chase you, but they will want to keep you.
The thing most guys make a mistake is instead of Screening her what they do is they try to SOI and validate them too quickly, this will only make her move on, make her think "woah he is different", girls only get to Qualify themselves to guys of very high value and thats what YOU are.

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