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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:40 am 
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natural game ey? what is that? like reverse game or just being yourself.
Ill teach you something about game. confidence is key. I get my confidence from the fact that I just don't give a shit. try not giving a shit. heres how i did it you can too. If you have a gun shoot your closet up, keep wearing your bullet riddled clothes. get in your car and check your wallet. take 40 bucks and keep it. literally throw the rest (hopefully alot of 100's) out your window to a homeless person as you passthem as you drive into ther hood. this is for karma. then roll down your window and shout Ey dog? buy some H and do it. fuck it you only live once. then once your doped up go to a mall or sporting event and walk up to the hottest woman you see but she must be with her significant other. in front of them both say hey sexy whats your name. ignore the man saying what the fuck man are you stupid, ignore that she is super uncomfortable. say loosen up im not a rapist or don't worry my gun is in my car. (which it should be) (have a gun) then say Hey come home with me, the guy will most likely flip his shit hard. say don't worry you can come too. at this point when he throws a punch lean in and let him really deck you. the h will make it tolerable. get out of there.

II am dead serious, do this and you will become strong. im not done here are other exercises:
go up to highschool girls and ask for their panties. Its worked for me before but dont worry i diddnt take advantage of any of the little sluts to be. yet.

go up to fat girls and say whoop whoomp whoomp will you go out with me? they will ssay wtf whats with the whomp whomp whomp? say im a lil hippo and I want you to bbe my big hippo! you will get smacked but prepare to step back to avoid a nut kick ((fat girls areent as fast of kickers as skinny chicks)

basically have you ever seem jack ass? do shit like that with words to other people.

I swear I've done all this shit and alot more and I have become super human because of it.

shit if you can do any one of those things approaching the girl of your dreams is a piece of cake.
by completely not giving a fuck not just with women you will become a true pimp.

Put it this way, I can go almost anywhere talk my way into whatever my imagination can think of.

shit put it this way as an actual example.
last time i went to a reds game i talked my friends and myself into the corporate booths where we got free booze and a feast. then we went back down where we were cclose to some cheerleaders, my buddy was like whoa look at her I was like ha watch. I walked up and sat next to 4 cheerleaders. I told them to look at my friends and said if i didn't get a date for each of them they would beat me up. and got 3 of their numbers for my 2 friends and i. I got the hottest one with my eyes and tore her up. trry viagra guys. it sounds emasculating but think about it 1-2 hours of sweaty ass baanging or 3-4 hours unless the girl goes dead and cant take it. viagra bone girls if you really want to own them haha. seriously. back to the reds game. I also almost gott raped by two girls who worked at a stand in the stadium. i jokingly flirted with them and i guess went too far cuz the took my hands and walked me into a dark storage room at which point i realized they were dead serious and i pulled free laughing hysterically and ran off to my group.

llook all im saying is confidence is key but you need to not give a shit. at all. get your aass kicked, take that pill, double team that girl, do that line, stea ll that car or boat.

because after doing that kind of shit you will naturally have the inability to fear or hesitate. i swear to god its worked for me. it doesn't matter if your ugly smelly or whatever.
like when i clean up i see no difference in the girls i get and shit i do.

I mean i reallly don't give a shit. Ill fuck in the morning smell ike sex, put on yesterdaays shirt, mismatching pants and flip-flops then fuck another girl. hell ill let a 3rd girl suck the smelly sex off my cock and she will like it. I don't care.

II mean yeah I could get a haircut and shave more often, but it doesn't matter.

at all.
I've got nice shit, like fuck exchange, emporio is better, got it. diesel is ok i got their shirts and jeans, i got mass couture. audiger used to be my throwback shit. I drive a new lexus. Im 22, never had a job, my dads loaded. this is my upcoming 4th attempt aat my first semester as a freshman.

Im not trying to brag hear me out. I wear more random peoples clothes than mine (i steal girls boyfriends shirts alot) I don't drive my car much at all because they took myy licence, plus I like to stay drunk anyways. Im so for real listen I dont shave moree than once a week max. I do shower like every other day at least but i never style my hair and it looks nuts. i mean it is bed head from hell but i don't care.

Hell I could go back to dry-cleaning my shirts, wearing nice cologne instead of akeing myself to cover up the sex smell. I could probable get my license back, then drive my ccar again and turn heads cuz its so fresh.

I doubt I will for a very long time or once I cant find others to drive me(which i doubt will happen)

I mean my sisters are models, im ok looking (160lbs 6'1") They say Ive got the ridiculous eyes and eyelashes and girls love that i think no matter how unkept I am hahaha.
I promise you if you try to become the way I am you will get girls as often as you like, you will be known by many. shit it'll make your dick bigger hahaha

im just saying. try it.
much love i hope you all succeed in whatever it is your here for.

i love all you guys and good luck try to avoid getting hit in the nuts but otherwise anything goes eh

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:54 pm 
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I love you. I was laughing my ass off the whole first part then realised you were actually being serious. People should take a leaf from your book, maybe not so much with the shooting heroin and getting the shit kicked outta them on purpose... but yeah.

Stop giving a shit people, we're here for a good time... not a long time. Do what you want, say what you think and just fuck it. None of it really matters anyway, nobody is gonna care.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:04 pm 
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:D Ha thanks for reading. I am always trying to help others reach 'not giving a fuck enlightenment' although not too many have the desire to beome great. Putting my philosophy in this forum exposes my ideology to a much more susceptible target audience. I truly hope that everyone who reads this learns something even if it goes against the commonly taught knowledge on this forum.

I agree heroin is horrible. If you get hooked then you will not be able to give a fuck because all you will want is money and more dope. I do not advocate being a junky!!

Fighting on the other hand is bad ass. How many times has your heart gone crazy and you get fight or flight reactions. If you learn to not care if you win or loose you will always win. I got my ass kicked once in a grocery store parking lot. All because i told this assholes wife that she should come with me. He merked me man. I mean bloody mess. The police arrested the guy and we had to give a statement at which time I told his wife she owes me lunch, on her dick husband. I told her that I would drop all charges cuz verbally I started it because she was so beautiful I ouldnt help myself. I got her number and 4 days later hubby was at work while I was working on my cunnillingus with his wife. She was 31. Hahaha. Turns out she hated her husband cuz he drinks and hits her sometimes. I guess she sympathized for me when he mopped me haha.
Shit one time an old man was riding my ass down a major road. I brake checked him and we stopped cars. He got out. I decided I had to fight so I got out, casually walked towards him as he was cursing a storm. He was like the stereotypical 50 year old beer bellied trucker looking type. I swung a haymaker uppercut and then when he went down a downward pop to thetop of the head he was out! I love that feeling of winning. It can be more rewarding than sex.

Oh and that's nuts your user name is Solomon. That's my name but mine is spelled in the islamic style.

Take care and remember that god loves all of you no matter what you do!

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:04 am 
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That was fucking brilliant.

Retarded, but brilliant.

I'd say I'm developing that mindset to a lesser scale. I'm not rich so I still have to be semi-aware of the repercussions of my actions although In social settings "Not giving a fuck" is definitely boss. And its super fucking fun too.

Happy sarging brothers

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 11:32 am 
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All that stuff is great and like at members of RSD are saying "No. 1 rule is that You do not give a damn on what anyone think of you."
But guess what, if you don't set yourself a basic set of rules, your own rules, that you respect, you'll be dead in less than a day and I think there is more to life than to die, because of some stupidity, like driving 200 mph on a reginoal road (cause if I had no my rules, this is most likely, how I would kill myself :twisted:)

"Don't let your wishes to control you, you learn to control your wishes."

But good post though it made me laugh :D

How my life looks like right now: STUDY HARD, PARTY HARD

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:43 am 
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YEEEEAAAH! That's what I'm talking about! Don't give a fuck, and do whatever the fuck you want!

To Kupid: Thanks for providing us a good video man. Good shit. I played this shit while reading sand's post.

To Sand: Respect motherfucker!!!!

- Nelson

F*ck it, let's do it

"In order to fill your cup, you must first empty your cup" - Bruce Lee

"Becoming great with women is a by product of becoming great yourself" - Cory Skyy

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:25 am 
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Great fucking video, got me really pumped.

Crazy ass stories I defiantly agree with you people need to stop giving a fuck and start living life. Although your stories are pretty fucking out there. I would say to out there dangerous with a hint of disregard for human life :). Yet the message is still there.



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