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 Post subject: Three days in PUA
PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:58 am 
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Soooo, i just came to my job, and i am exhilarated, and i have to share with someone.

Here is what happened, i broke with my gf of 2 years, somwhere before christmas, and that has been beating me up mostly during the first three months. By now i accepted what has happened, and all that. (That was my first relationship so it is expected that i should have some downtime, which i had) But anyhow, back to the point.

In last month or so, i have accepted the fact that if i don't want to die alone i will have to get back in the game, which honestly has been the AFC game. Which got me lucky once or twice.

However, i had AA, and have been searching far and wide across internet to find something that i could use. I regularly visited online local chat rooms and like. But basically i didn't think that i had any place to meet women. I taught that there has to be some special occasion or something.

So 3 days ago. I stumbled on this forum. Actually i stumbled on another site, which in the end led me here.
Last 3 days i have been reading materials, seeing what can i use, what i can't. I taught to myself that there is a ton of material to learn and whatnot, i was ready to cash in on books and everything.

But yesterday, i kinda figured everything is in my own mentality and that i need to change that. I already started with some minor changes (as in i have started jogging) and similar.

Sooo, today, (this is the actually important part, i guess it won't be as long as the intro, since my actual approach lasted only shortly) while driving on the bus to work, at one point a HB7 went in. (could be less, not sure, first time rating women) No earphones. Alone. Bus wasn't too crowded. So i started thinking (a stupid act, but still) : This girl seems cool. I think i will approach her. But what will i say. Hmm, i don't know any openers, i don't know shit. Hmmmm, she seems to be wearing a jacket (not really, but something similair) on a hot day, hmm, maybe that is my way in. I will wait until the right bus station, so that i don't give myself too much time in case i run out of things to say.

So i approached her with something like : "Aren't you hot in that?" (hot as in hot day :D )
And we basically hit it off. She even remarked how it is interesting that no one talks to one another nowadays. (Like the way i approached her) We chatted a bit, and i was going for a tram in one direction, she in another... she told me her name, i told her mine, we said our goodbyes... and then it hit me: I am not just taking a nice chat and goodbye for an answer, i want more. :wink: :wink: :wink:

And i stopped her, and asked, if maybe she would like to grab a bite, or a coffee these days, and if she would give me her number. She looked at me from head to toe... taught to herself for a second or two, and said yes.

I gave her number, and she would call me to give me her's. And now i went to my station happy as i can be, and she went to her, but i noticed i still havent gotten that phone call from her, so i dont have her number, luckily we both needed to wait for trams. So i went back to her, and asked her if she would call me again, i said something like my phone hasn't gotten the call or something. She called me again and basically i got a #close.

And that is just in 3 days of pua, and shifting my mentality a bit. I am thankful to everyone here who inspired me. Sorry for any spelling mistakes and/or such. But like i said, i just wanted to share with you what goddamned three days and a mentality shift can do.

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