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Not sure if I can copy and paste this on here but I think this article is worth a read. It is written by Chief of one of the PUA forums....


The way that most PUAs think of attraction nowadays is ineffective. Since the concept of attraction is inherently subjective, I'm not saying that the way most PUAs think of attraction is wrong; it just makes the process of seduction unnecessarily difficult. More often than not, they structure their beliefs about attraction in a way that makes seduction an uphill battle rather than a thrilling free fall into a night of passionate fucking. Rather than letting yourself struggle with a puzzle of useless routines and DHV stories, allow me to offer an alternative way to think about attraction.

When it comes to attraction, a PUA's focus should be on sexually framing every thread of an interaction with a woman he's interested in so that the woman feels aroused with SEXUAL attraction. All the other things about attraction that you've heard - preselection, humor, wealth, and other commonly known DHVs - act mainly as logistical assistance that allows a woman to backwards rationalize her feelings of sexual attraction for a man. They aren't actually part of the main force that pushes the seduction forward.

In other words, if you're not thinking of attraction as a purely sexual feeling of desire, you're doing it wrong. Practicing pickup from the community's currently conventional value-based view of attraction leads to a big roadblock that aspiring PUAs constantly run into: the awkward switch from a "fun and social" vibe to a sexual vibe.

For example, if a PUA is trying to "build attraction" by communicating to a woman that they are a leader of men, the vibe of the interaction becomes based on the perception of social value. Contrary to popular belief in the seduction community, social value does not directly arouse a woman. It only gives her a "this guy is acceptable to associate with" message from her social programming. Somewhere along the way this message has the potential to translate into "this guy is acceptable to have sex with," but it is by no means triggering an instinctual horny desire for her to spread her legs and enthusiastically invite you in. It's not directly eliciting emotions within her that make her want to grab you and ride your cock until the both of you pass out from pleasure.

Lets put things into perspective. Have you ever met a woman who wasn't strikingly attractive to you, but your guys friends thought she was really really hot? You take a second look at her after you hear what your boys think of her, and suddenly she seems a bit more attractive than before. I don't know about you, but this happens to me a lot. Compare this situation to a time you met a woman who was so hot and sexy to you that you instantly felt a surge of lust and pure desire pulsating through your body and mind. When a PUA is trying to "build attraction" through things like commonly promoted DHVs and other "provider" cues such as being a leader of men, the woman may feel a slight growth in attraction for him just like how any guy would feel about that woman his friends approve of. However, this becomes a slow and strenuous process if the goal is simply sex. Wouldn't you rather have the woman feel the same way you're feeling when you see that incredibly sexy woman of your dreams for the first time?

Before we move on, let's address one limiting belief that may have popped up in your head just now. Do looks actually matter? My answer to that question may shock you...

Yes. Looks matter. However, your looks will only be able to help you if you are well-groomed and fashionable. If you think you're inherently ugly, you're fucking wrong. Why am I saying that looks matter, then?

Evolution has made it so that the genetic pool of the human race seeks to be heterogeneous. If every human being had the same genes and looked completely alike as a "perfect 10," that would open up a Pandora's box of problems for our species's survival. Ultimately, we'd become fatally vulnerable to natural mutations due to the decreased ability to adapt from a lack of genetic diversity. Species that have a homogeneous gene pool (as opposed to a heterogeneous one like ours) are actually asexual. That means they don't have sex with other members of their species. They reproduce offspring independently.

For our species to remain sexual and genetically heterogeneous, our sexual attraction is rooted in the principle of opposites attracting. Combining two opposites is the best way to produce something completely new. Make a shit ton of new stuff and you'll end up with a really fucking heterogeneous pool of stuff.

Since opposites attract, you will be very sexually attracted to a woman with genes opposite to yours. This is why you typically feel grossed out when you imagine having sex with members of your own family (unless you're Beschatten). This also means that the woman of your dreams will be sexually attracted to you since you have genes that are opposite to hers.

Just like Gunwitch teaches, as long as you are sarging women that you are genuinely attracted to on a physical/sexual level, they will much more likely to be genuinely attracted to you in the same way. A big problem that a lot of guys trying to learn pickup face is that they struggle through sarges because they are trying to seduce the socially defined "hottie" instead of listening to their gut-level attraction.

Proper grooming and shit like that allows you to express your genetic attractiveness more fully. Socially "uncool" fashion and poor hygiene will stifle the signal of your genes' polar pull. That's why having a cool style is highly beneficial.

OK, now that we know that looks matter. We also know that whatever looks we were born with will only help us get what we want (having sex with women we are genuinely sexually attracted to). After we've made our genes more presentable through fashion and grooming, how do we play the game according to this sexually focused definition of attraction?

I break the system of increasing sexual attraction down into three main tools that you can use:
1. Sexual State Projection
2. Sexual Framing
3. Sexual Tension

Note that these tools aren't in any particular order. For the most part, the game is not linear. It is mostly circular.

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It is an interesting article but there are a lot of women who date men who look and act just like their fathers. What do you say about that? I mean to me... it is weird but it happens all the time. Heck, a few of the women I dated, I had a lot more than looks in common with their fathers. lol

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