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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 2:47 am 
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I see a list of Openers, Routines, K-Closes, but i do not see any Number Closes on the site short of searching for 1 hour to find them here and there.

SO start replying with your Best Number Close Lines/Routines!

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:34 pm 
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There is the David DeAngelo method (whether or not he actually came up with this I have no idea, but this is where I read it from). Anyway, he originally had this for a way to get a girls email in under 3 minutes of meeting her but with a little tweaking it could be manipulated to fit a number close.

So say you have her entranced in conversation, whether you have just preformed a cold reading or whatever she should be very interested in you. Then the conversation should go like this:

HB: Wow that was amazing! (presumed you have just preformed a magic trick or something).
PUA: Yea but I have to get going, I've got stuff to do.
HB: No! Can't you just stay for a little bit?
PUA: Look I've really got to get back to my friends, but clearly your interested in me..but I'm still not that sure about you though. I usually make girls work a bit harder for my number...*pause and pretend to think*...so I think ill do the same with you *big smile from you*.

Pretend to walk away. Then turn around and say,

PUA: Well, I do think your pretty cute/sexy/ok, so right your number here and I'll give you a call.

If she doesn't like this idea or seems drawn back just say that you really have to go, but if she has email write the address there. Email is a lot less invasive and i think you can be quite playful via email. If shes an 8 or above, maybe do a ring/necklace routine and walk away.

My favorite, cocky/comedy, push/pull, and number/email in one routine. VERY effective :wink:

- Memento

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