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How to find a Pick up Artist or PUA wingman in India for new
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Author:  Iamsol [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:12 am ]
Post subject:  How to find a Pick up Artist or PUA wingman in India for new

A lot of guys try to bring their friends with them. Lot of times this does not work. They are not into it as much as you. They don’t want to read about it, they don’t want to go out like you do, they don’t have determination and passion like you do. What I recommend doing is, try to meet up with guys at the local event, liar meet or like seminars. Trust me they become your buddies and brothers for life & lastly I recommend getting on forums. The problem is lot of guys when they do that, they post in forums, they go like ‘I am so & so from & I am looking for a wing’ and no one responds & they go, that didn’t work. The thing is you can’t just post one time on the forum and say I am looking for a wing. No one knows who you are and what value you bring to the table. I suggest guys to post little bit on forum and be active on the forums. It lets people know that you are serious about going out. That way people realize that you are not a creepy guy. In India, I recommend https://www.indiapuaforum.com. First meet up with a guy over a beer or dinner a day or two before going out so that you get to know each other.
If you are looking for a wingman in Bangalore:
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