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Author:  TheAce [ Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:42 pm ]
Post subject:  University/ college general tips here.

Quality Notice: If you have a good amount of personal experience with College Game, please post your thoughts and discuss here. If you do not actually have much College Game experience or if you are currently only in your first year, please limit your posts in this thread to questions only. Thank you. -Chief

With fresher’s week approaching for us UK folk soon I thought a brief advice topic would be in order. Obviously knowing considerably less about how the American university systems begin their semester, If a mod feels it does not apply to the American way of campus life feel free to move it to the UK section of the forum. (My knowledge is based mainly from the show Greek and other American campus based films, which no doubt have about as much accuracy as the film Gladiator , I digress)

Closed system

Campus’ life is acknowledged mainly as that of a closed system, by this I mean Internal actions have considerably greater effect than things you do outside of the campus social circle. You have heard the six degrees of separation theory , well on campus it isn’t a theory it’s a fact. On top of that think three or four degrees instead. This will ultimately be the main factor that should affect your game

The different Social circles

Social circles on campus tend to be layered (yes like an onion). You can split it up into two distinct circles and a further layer.

Inner Circle: This is where the very close friends to people that most free time is spent with, outside of lectures, sports teams or other society based groups. Often they of course they happen to be in the same lectures etc but for logistical reasons they tend to live near to you or in the same ‘Halls of residence’ in the first year. (Most inner circles are established within the first year, people drift in an out but rarely are entire inner circles disbanded and reformed). Anything someone in your inner circle does you will generally find out about pretty quickly and everyone trusts each other.

Now this of course affects you when it comes to possible targets. If you close (anything above a #-close for arguments sake) someone in a girl’s inner circle, your chance of closing someone else in that circle is heavily reduced. Women are generally unwilling to break the trust of their inner circle as it has a ripple effect, soon they are known as the one that closes their best mates targets. Remember actions inside the closed campus systems have a greater affect and this is especially true of the inner circle. So chose your inner circle target wisely as it could be your only pick.

However there is a strong upside. Once you befriend a girl and she see’s you of high value. As long as it is clear to her nothing will happen between the two of you, your value sky rockets to everyone in her inner circle. You will be introduced as ‘that guy I told you about’ she will often even go as far as to play match maker. And when it comes to campus life her friends opinions matter more than ever before.

Outer Circle: This is the circle involving people you would meet up with on a night out say once a week or so but would not be spending all that much free time with. They may be on the same course, in the same society or people met through inner circle members for instance. Information shared in this circle tends to be more vague. Instead of he slept with Laura X last night it becomes ‘He slept with this hot blonde girl last night’.

This means that you tend to be free to close members sharing an outer circle as there is not the same level of trust or closeness. You won’t find that you go to kiss a girl and she says, oh but you already kissed another girl from Biology society, unless they are looking for an excuse and you cant blame campus life for that.

Girls may introduce you to their outer circle members however it is unlikely that they will have heard of you before. So the DHVing is all up to you.

The I’ve seen you layer
: This covers most other people on the campus that you will interact with. You may have seen them around but never spoken to them for more than a minute in passing before.

Establishing your social circle

Establishing a good inner circle is key in fresher’s week if it’s your first year. The earlier in the university year it is, the easier it is to break to add to your inner circle. As in fresher’s week that is most people’s goal; to establish a strong inner circle.

Establishing an outer circle is best done through your course and societies. Join women dominated societies such as psychology soc in order to establish a target rich outer circle.

In general: Inner Circle’s save you having to DHV while Outer Circle’s save you having to open them.

Always look your best

When you go out to get milk in the morning at home and don’t really put effort into your appearance you don’t have the fear that someone will see your bedhead then later recognize you in a club that evening. On campus this will be the case, always try to look your best as the people that see you will no doubt see you again. All be it looking like you had been dragged through a hedge when she last saw you is a talking point, so is that awesome belt you were wearing.

Expect LMR

Girls are well aware of how quickly reputation can spread in a closed system and they don’t want to gain the reputation as a slut. So expect lots of LMR for the F-closes. (generally girls do not fear this reputation from repeated Kiss closes so resistance won’t be to bad there).

In order to avoid this Plausible Deniability is key. They won’t to be able to tell others that it ‘just happened’. Try to build up more comfort than you usually would. If worst comes to worse you spend to long in the comfort phase and you get the LJBF, a door may have shut but her inner and outer circle have just opened up.

Their Anti-slut defence will highest during fresher’s week and will gradually reduce as social circles are established.

Friends’ acceptance

When it comes to relationships and even day 2s if her friends (inner circle) don’t like you then you won’t get very far. If you win them over, they will be constantly asking her about you and keeping you on her mind in a good way. Piss them off however and you have an army of mother hens advising her to stay away.

Life of the Party

On campus people want to associate themselves with someone that can give them a good time. Be the life of the party, when out clubbing always be leading others to the dance floor, get the drinking games going etc. During the day be smiling, laughing just having fun. After all that’s what Uni/college is all about.

Be the life of the party and drag others into it with you.

I will add more as I remember it, but for now I hope this answers some of the questions about colleges, universities and fresher’s weeks that have been cropping up of late.

The Ace

Author:  butterfield [ Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:47 pm ]
Post subject: 

This is great, i cant believe i didn't think of this myself. A permanant Uni thread should be set up

Author:  TheAce [ Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

This is great, i cant believe i didn't think of this myself. A permanant Uni thread should be set up
I don't know if there is enough university or future university students on here to require a permanent Uni thread. Depends how different Uni and American college are?

Although a lot of threads asking for uni advice are cropping up.

Author:  SetherCraze [ Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:34 am ]
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for the past 3 years i have done my best to establish myself as this person at the university of Iowa and am finally realizing that this is perfect advice. The number one thing to take away from this is BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY NO MATTER WHAT!

Author:  Rye Lee [ Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:42 am ]
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I'm gonna assume that the US post-secondary schools are basically the same as Canadian and UK ones, because I didn't see anything I disagreed with from my past experience in college. I'll be heading back to school after a 3 year break and a complete and utter subject change, so I see great value in this post Ace. I know that I've seen a ton of threads on the subject pop up lately and I've seen a lot of threads with mention of Uni in them over the past year, so I think it's safe to say that this is a useful thread and deserves to be stickied imo. Once I get rolling, I'll add what I can to the thread as well, but at this point, I've been absent from school for far to long to consider myself knowledgable and I'll most likely be asking other guys that have been in school for some tips as well.

Author:  lolcats [ Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:50 am ]
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awesome thread ty

Author:  Chief [ Mon Aug 25, 2008 9:34 pm ]
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The show "Greek" is actually SURPRISINGLY accurate, fyi. Many Fraternities and Sororities are very similar to how they are portrayed in that show.

In my opinion, I think "real life game" done with cold approaches in bars and stuff like that is EASY SHIT compared to what you have to do to game in high school and college. I speak from my own experiences.

In "real life game," you need some Inner Game and some Outer Game, and then you're pretty much set if you touch base on many vital concepts like attraction and logistics.

For gaming in a "closed system" with a bunch of kids dependent on social circles, however, I've found that you pretty much have to have natural game down pat, along with possessing an AMAZINGLY powerful alpha male frame.

I think that developing natural game is one of the hardest things to do in this art. I think I'm doing pretty good so far in terms of developing natural game, but even to develop what I have now took a LOT of work, field experience, and introspective progress. And I still may have a long way to go.

Be to an alpha male in a college environment, you have to learn to be socially dominant with EVERYONE around you. You're not just gaming girls, you're gaming the entire campus. You genuinely have to become a real "people person." That also takes a lot of work in and of itself.

I'm in college now and I see this as an excellent challenge that's pushing me past my perceived limits, making me grow immensely. If I become successful with college game from a pickup perspective, it's going to supercharge my "real life game" after I graduate for sure. I've gotten into plenty of bars and clubs and did regular game, and I think that's a lot easier. In a way I feel like it requires being LESS social, and more PERSONAL. And college game requires the all around package from you.

Author:  swiss [ Wed Aug 27, 2008 3:05 pm ]
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Can't wait for fresher's week either. Im now going into my second year and am so glad I found out about PUAs recently, having spent the last year suffering from one-itis and only getting a lone one night stand.

I think the essential thing with students is to be seen as a funny guy, that is both with a good sense of humour and to be great fun to be with.

To help with this thread here are some translations:

US English > British English
Private School > Public School
Public School > State School
School > University
High School > Secondary School or College
College > University

Yes, its complicated :D

Also, in the UK there are no "fraternities" or "sororities" in universities, most people don't even know what one is!

Author:  TheAce [ Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:30 pm ]
Post subject: 


Also, in the UK there are no "fraternities" or "sororities" in universities, most people don't even know what one is!
The closest thing we have is societies , get in the right one , become active and it's pretty much a fraternity/sorority

Author:  Risen [ Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:30 pm ]
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Hey guys,

I studied abroad last semester in London, but I go to uni in the states so I have been exposed to both environments. There are some important differences, but the biggest difference from college game and "real-life game" is the importance of social circles. I feel that your social circles are the difference makers in college game. Most of the girls you meet are through friends and such.

People have been back at school for the past week so I have been trying to implement my big-city direct game back on campus. I feel like direct would work well but you have to be careful with it bc you might come across as a creeper. I think girls in college are not as used to/comfortable with super direct as much as a normal woman in a big city would be. I still prefer direct, but I feel like some good old MM would do well with some of these stuck up girls who know they are smokin' hot!

I also got a quick question. Im somewhat experienced in regular game but just starting doing the university game so as I start to get numbers i have an important question....what the hell am I going to do for day 2s?? I am honestly not sure about what I can do besides getting coffee or something like that. I also got a baller car so I wanna give her a ride so she will give me a ride later ^^. I know I shouldnt use material possesions but since I got it here I might as well lol! Any ideas/help guys??

Author:  Sutko [ Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

If you can make yourself the go-to person during Frosh week, you'll save yourself the trouble of opening later.

Remember the frame that most university students are in.

Just moved. Many are away from home for the first time. They're in an unfamiliar city, with strange people, and they don't know what or where anything is. They're nervous, and they're worried about being lonely.

Excited. All of this is new, and big, and exciting. They've all got some spending money, and midterms are a long long long way away in the mind. They're ready to socialize, and meet people.

This is the PERFECT time to meet people. If you don't game them right away, and give some sort of DHV, like knowing where a great place for a pint is, or knowing your way around campus a bit, you show that you've got your shit together - you're a leader.

Go out and meet as many people as possible, so when you walk into a party, you're setting that level of social proof - "Hey, how come I haven't met that guy yet?"

Author:  Sutko [ Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:35 pm ]
Post subject: 

I also got a quick question. Im somewhat experienced in regular game but just starting doing the university game so as I start to get numbers i have an important question....what the hell am I going to do for day 2s?? I am honestly not sure about what I can do besides getting coffee or something like that. I also got a baller car so I wanna give her a ride so she will give me a ride later ^^. I know I shouldnt use material possesions but since I got it here I might as well lol! Any ideas/help guys??
Go explore the city. Find a cool neighborhood and explore it. Try to find the bar district. Try to find the coolest little park that you can. Play some frisbee. Go to the beach.

Author:  SierraPapa [ Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

i have to say im worried about freshers week, i in the past have made mistakes at early stages of meeting lots of new people... but im looking positively that i am wiser now... however one question i beg to ask is..

how do you know which group for guys to associate yourself with for your inner circle... so you know your not with 'the geeks' or the 'druggies' etc etc just the guys who enjoy having a balanced life and like going out to meet new people... i want to be in that group of the popular guys who live life to the max? do i create the group?

keep spreading the love...


Author:  Sutko [ Thu Sep 04, 2008 5:47 am ]
Post subject: 

All I've been doing all week is meeting people. Meeting everyone. Telling little jokes, making connections, making new friends, all with a smile on my face. I can't go anywhere around the school now without people saying hi, or stopping me to chat. That social proof will do me well over the next few years for sure!

The thing is, I haven't hit on a single girl yet. It's all innocent, getting to know each other because we're all in the same boat of not knowing anyone. Opening has never been easier, ever. I figure if there's enough rapport, I can work one on one as we get farther into the school year... so for now I'm just loving every minute of it!

Remember - nobody knows what your life before school was. They're judging you strictly on what aspects of your personality you put forward. Be energetic, be funny, be interesting... if you try too hard to be cool, people will see right through that. If you're the guy who's always got a genuine smile on his face, the people around you will have one too. That's social proof right there!

Author:  TheAce [ Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:37 pm ]
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Little Update about peacocking and college/University game here ladies and gents.


What most people assume by peacocking will have significantly less effect on a night out in college/uni . Treating a Club without noticing atleast one group dressed to some sort of theme is rare, therefore you with the funny hat will not stand out as much.

Therefore Peacocking here becomes not about dressing with that little extra something but being the one that out of all the costumes appears the best or most creative.
Going to a Hero and Villains party, be the one with the actual Spiderman suit.
Under the sea Party, think outside the box, Wrap yourself in a giant map of wales and paint it blue, or dress as a horse with goggles. (For those slightly bemused this gives you a blue whale and a sea horse)

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