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PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:00 am 
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X-posting this from the RSD forums (I put it over there, now I put it over here... heh... that sounded dirty):

Stormy coming with a pearl of wisdom and a super-simple related college day game technique.

First, the pearl of wisdom: girls are going to be attracted to you as long as they are around you. To restate, you don't need to "game up" girls to get them attracted to you. Not necessarily. Several girls will be attracted to you without you saying a word to them, without you even knowing they exist.

I'm not kidding; listen in on some girl-talk some time if you get the chance. It is VERY enlightening. Girls get crushes. They talk to each other about who they have crushes on. And they get them for reasons that are incomprehensible to my mere mortal mind. They don't get them on the "hottest" guy necessarily, or the most confident guy. They get them on the guy who sits next to them in class, the guy who studies in the coffee shop, whatever. It happens seemingly at random, with no rhyme, reason, or relationship to the amount of "game" the guy has.

You've probably felt something similar. Is there a girl in one of your classes who isn't the "hottest" by commonly accepted standards, but that you feel yourself nevertheless inexplicably drawn to? Maybe that mousy brunette with the glasses? Who always ties her hair back in a ponytail? Yeah, that one.

Ahh, Aphrodite, she works in mysterious ways. drags cigarette

You college boys reading this probably have at least one secret admirer, right now. AT LEAST one, almost certainly more. Over the course of my college career, I had something like half a dozen of my classmates admit crushes on me. And those were only the ones who admitted it. I pretty much know for a fact that there were more.

Advance and/or escalate on these girls in a reasonable amount of privacy and going all the way will simply be a matter of you realizing that YES, she DOES want you to. She'll probably even help you along.

Alright, technique time. This is stupid simple. It's actually easier than a number-close.

The basic idea is to check the girl to see if she is one of the multitudinous girls with crushes on you while still covering your back socially. College isn't a club; the type of game you'll be running on campus is basically extended social circle game. It is possible to fuck up here and have it come back to haunt you.

Luckily, though, we're all cool, social guys here. We bring party, and we pull other people into our party. We don't even necessarily want to sleep with all of the people we pull into our parties (especially not the guys, ew). Also, we've got high levels of social intelligence. We know a few basic things, and one of them is discretion. If you sleep with a girl, you don't run around telling everyone. If a girl puts herself on the line and admits that she likes you, you either reciprocate or you let her down VERY gently, and you don't run around telling people about this girl that has a crush on you, like you'd EVER sleep with her, PFFT.

NO. You act in a way that a Secret Society member should. You're a guy that the girls can have some harmless fun with, without trashing their reputations in the process. You don't tell people about girls you've slept with or girls you've blown off. You make it clear, by what you DON'T do, that it's okay to sleep with you.

Been doing that? Or rather, NOT doing what you're NOT supposed to? Good. Then this will actually work.

Repeat after me:

"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"

"Cool. I'm going to [insert name of bar/club/event here]. Wanna come along?"


What you've probably noticed about that "technique" - and I hesitate to even call it that, because it's so basic and straightforward - is that 1) it isn't aggressive at all, 2) it doesn't imply anything about what will happen that weekend, and 3) it almost explicitly gives the girl the option to say no.

You've probably also noticed that it's amazingly easy and requires no game whatsoever. Could you imagine saying that to a guy? Probably. "Hey dude, we're going to X tonight. Wanna come?" The watchword is "NORMAL." This is a NORMAL thing to do. Nobody will so much as look at you funny if you ask them this. You're just offering value.

In fact, imagine the tone of voice you'd use to say that up there. "Hey dude, we're going to X tonight. Wanna come?" That's the tone of voice you should use with the girl. You're just collecting people to hang out with that weekend.

Now bear in mind, this "technique," unlike a lot of stuff we learn up in here, IS for the faint of heart. It's low-risk (no-risk, actually) and probably low-reward. But if you don't feel comfortable with some of the more aggressive stuff, especially for day/social circle game, this will at least get you moving in the right direction. Consider it Newbie Mission level. Consider it a very, VERY toned-down version of the Apocalypse opener.

If the girl just can't make it, or she has a boyfriend or whatever, she'll just tell you she can't go. Whatever. Nothing of value lost, including YOUR reputation. Not that this matters (see The Number One Rule), but I assure you, if you're still worried about that stuff, that this will put nothing at risk. I mean, all you did was ask her if she wanted to hang out. Of course you implied that it was as friends. You didn't "ask her out" ask her out.

However, the girl might actually show up.

If that happens, it'll be pretty easy to figure out if you've got a girl with a crush on your hands. Just use your social intuition to figure it out. Did she come alone? Did she dress to impress (you)? Is she asking you if this is a "date?" Does she seem nervous (like she really, REALLY cares what you think of her)? Then you've got a secret admirer on your hands, she believes that this is her Big Chance, and it's time for you to break out your A-game. Bring the party. Woo and intent. You know the drill. And you know that it's a foregone conclusion.

And it's way more socially acceptable for her to hook up with you now because the two of you can retroactively declare the meeting a "date" where stuff "just happened."

Remember, you deliberately kept the nature of the meetup ambiguous. Are you just out as friends? Is this a date? WHO KNOWS?! This question will be spinning in the girl's mind. If she tries to clear it up, you KNOW she's attracted. If she's visibly nervous because she's not sure of the answer, then you KNOW she's attracted. If she's hedging her bets by acting as if it is a date, then you KNOW she's attracted. Not that she ISN'T if she DOESN'T, but this is all the confirmation you need, assuming you think you need it.

Girl: "Hey, is this a date?"
You: look pleasantly surprised, smile, claw "Oh. Do you want it to be?"

I didn't really think about it this way back when I was in college, doing this. I honestly just wanted people to come out and get drunk with me, and several of them were girls that I considered friends who, unbeknownst to me, had crushes on me. But this flushed 'em out of the woodwork in a hurry. I experienced many "surprise! I have a vagina!" moments doing this.

In fact, right before I read a certain novel by a certain short bald guy and ended up constricting myself with a bunch of lame rules and procedures, I was considering going on a rampage of doing this with girls that I just knew socially (because my focus early on was simply figuring out whether or not a girl liked me so I could escalate on her "safely," and I took it for granted that at least a few girls had crushes on me but were too shy to tell me or whatever). But NOOOOOO, I was just Stormy and I didn't know shit, and a bunch of foolishly-dressed pooahs were telling me to do something else.

Whatever. Doing this, without realizing the significance of what I was doing, smoked out quite a few girls who were interested in me when I was back in college. There was no reason to believe that it wouldn't continue to do so.

Alright, who can you do this on? The answer: pretty much any girl you see regularly, OR any girl you start talking to during the day. Classmate? Fair game. Go for it. You're classmates. Classmates hang out together. Barista? Go for it. You're friends with your baristas (I slept with three baristas from the same coffee shop doing this back in the day; it was just normal to me that I hang out and get drunk with my baristas. They're my friends too). Random girl you start talking to and continue talking to for any length of time? Go for it. You're bringing people into your party.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:18 am 
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Good shit Stormy

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:33 am 
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Great post, just to ask, can anyone here post an actual gameplan?
as in a step by step guide for a single semester.
It's the final semester and I am a total AFC, feeling kinda hopeless now.
Also I'm in an Asian more conservative society so any tips there would be great

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:28 am 
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anything for community colleges? i have class for sociology and theres tons of hot chicks. you cant really have this HUGE SCENE of being the alpha fun guy on campus b/c right after class, people leave or go to their next class. Not a university. So whats some good routine and game and lines to use in classrooms? Would the cube and stuff still work? Styles EV?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:58 am 
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Great post Stormy, I hope to put the info to good use. :) College game is indeed a lot more "normal" than just out in the field.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 11:49 pm 
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I am sorry if something similar got posted elsewhere, but here is my question:

There are really lots of parties at my college, and a lot of random chix from other schools show up. I haven't had any issues k-closing and I've had many #-closses as well (all flake).

However, I have trouble !-closing.
One of the reasons is that I don't even try to build any comfort or any report whatsoever, and that is because I doubt that's the right move.

What we're dealing with here are some crazy girls that wanna have good
time. Nonetheless, I don't want to serve as their trophy or just a guy they can fool around with on the dance floor.

How do I take it further? Do I make direct proposition? Should I extract her on a different venue, start builidng comfort and then move on? Should I be more direct?

In my opinion, this is not the right occasion for comfort building. It seems that the only solution is "let's go to my bedroom" packed in a better form.
Just to add more detail, 90% od the k-closes happen without any talking at all. Maybe I should totally change my game and dance only long enough to extract and...

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 10:34 am 
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act like you've known them you're whole life. # closing and day2's are ineffective at the mere college level--especially if they're from another school (as they're prob. there only for the night or weekend).

Sounds like you're dealing with the typical "party whore"--being a fellow college student they are daily occurences.

And no, the only situation doesn't have to be "go to my bedroom"--although college should be full of "forgettable" (not regretful) experiences. \

Best bet, as i use it, is to isolate the socially inept hb. However picked up, I can draw her even after i've had too much to drink. This is what I call the "scavenger" route. In a university with thousands of women, 50+% of which are hb's, this rule-of-thumb plays out for the untimely drinker.

Better still are the routines laid out in this forum. Fortunately, at the uni level, we need no (rather very weak) routines. Therefore, a uni section need not be implemented.

Doesn't everybody's name end in a vowel?

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:24 pm 
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Thanks, this makes sense.

However, can you please ellaborate on how you isolate, what you actually do/say and where you take her? What actually needs to happen on that scanvenger route? Do you take her for a snack and then...
Also, I would really appreciate if you systematically write a short synopsis of all the steps/processes/methods you preform from meeting her all the way to the close, with short description and possibly time lengths ofeach of them.

Thank you once again

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:49 pm 
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Hey guys, I just graduated from college and thought my experience might be helpful. My college was very small, only 2000 students in a tiny town in the northeastern US, so I don’t know what it is like to go to a larger school but I’m assuming the same principles will apply. I went from being a zero success virgin over my first three years to very satisfied during my senior year.

Here is what worked for me:
1) Take full advantage of social circles by being as efficient as possible meeting people during the first 2 months but don’t be afraid to cold approach throughout the year.
3) Don’t hesitate if you see someone you want to talk to.
4) Maintain sexual tension with girls you might want to hook up with. Asexual friends get put in the dreaded friend zone. Friends with occasional sexual tension get put in the potential hook up zone.
5) Don’t kiss and tell.
6) Be honest about your intentions.

In my experience, social circles are almost everything at college if you want to hook up with quality girls. Cold approaches do work but there was a mentality, at least at my school, to be wary of people before seeing what group they rolled with. Social proof meant a lot.

During the first little while everyone is easy to open and willing to meet new people. I found that at about the 2 month mark social circles are pretty well established and people have a set group of friends. You can break into social circles but I advise taking advantage of the first few months to meet and befriend as many people as possible. This way, once social groups are established you will have connections in many of them and things will be a lot easier for you.

During those first couple months take advantage of dining halls. Even if you are with a group of friends, sit with some new people, introduce yourself and your friends and start a conversation. Other than at parties, my favorite place to cold approach all year was the dining halls and cafes.

Don’t hesitate if you see someone you want to meet. On college campuses, as well as everywhere else, people are busy and move from one place to the next fairly quickly. If you see an opportunity to start a conversation, do it immediately. I’m speaking from experience having missed many opportunities by not acting right away.

Like I said, social circles make things a lot easier and will improve your successes. I hooked up with 3 of my close friends within my main social circle last year so don’t be too afraid of making friends with girls. Just make sure you keep the tension up a little if you think you might want to hook up with them at some point. If you are a friend with a sexual vibe then the friend zone doesn’t matter. If you are a friend with an asexual vibe then it is much more difficult to make it sexual when you want to.

I found that by dancing sexy with my girl friends when we were out at a bar or even at house parties, it definitely kept the tension there. Calling something about them sexy every now and then also works. My all time favorite way to keep tension up with my friends was hand and back massages. People are always down for a back massage and I found it pretty easy to convey sexuality through my touch even if we were having a platonic conversation while the massage was going on. It was also very discrete, since everyone else around thought it was just a friendly massage while the girl I was giving it to could tell that it was more. I suggest learning massage and a few ways to convey sexuality through your dancing. What worked for me while dancing were subtle breaths on her ear, rubbing your cheek against hers so that the corners of your mouths just barely touch but you aren’t actually kissing, and my all time favorite once things are starting to get a little sexy was to dance as close to each other as possible without actually touching, then push her away and pull her close again after a few seconds.

If you are hooking up within your social circle, don’t kiss and tell, she will take care of that for you if she wants to. You can really ruin your friend’s trust if they find out you told your other friends about what the two of you did together and that will greatly reduce your chances of hooking up with any of the other girls in that social circle. Plus, I found it really fun to have dirty little secrets with my close girl friends.

Last but probably most importantly, make sure you are honest about your intentions assuming you want to see this girl again and have her respect you. I had always been too much of a pussy to be honest with girls and it got me no play. I found that once a sexual vibe was established, I could convey exactly what I was looking for the relationship to be like. There are ways to convey your intentions without being absolutely explicit. There are ways to say, “We are just going to have sex tonight but I don’t want to be your boyfriend” without saying those exact words. When I was honest, I was never turned down and found that girls wanted fuck buddy relationships too. By being honest I was able to maintain very close friendships with most of the girls I hooked up with even after we stopped having sex.

Good luck and savor every moment of college if you are there right now.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 2:17 am 
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About time i find my place in this forum...ill add in what I kno since this is my age range.

Professional- You pretty much have to be clean in everything you do, from your clothes to your conversation skills. if you want to make it with some descent looking girls and keep the vibe. You dont have to be some muscle head to grab girls attention. Looking clean with some properly fit clothes( not gang banging with a 3XL shirt haha) will make a difference.

Be social with alot of people - again why your social skills should be good. Ease of talking, ease of conversation brings a nice vibe if you can talk without effort and freely(show some confidence through your tone and words)

Ultra confident - You can be cocky but I try to suppress it to a certain point(not being a ego maniac none of that bulshit will work). Honestly I cannot tell you how important this is. Just walking upright with your shoulders straight up can make all the difference.

If you can just be a silent confident smuck itll set you up. The cool confidence where it seems whatever your doing is natural and your not acting. I cant tell you how many times Ive just sat leaned back or leaned against a wall/railing and received glances and looks which easily turned into conversation(don't ignore an acknowledgement)

Just running down those steps can set you up.

SHIT dining halls, lounges, study areas etc. There's so many girls i see that just sit by themselves studying(mainly at the univ). I always see it as a free lunch as why the hell are they sitting by themselves anyways? Lonely? As above poster said, do not hesitate, as the chance may not be there again.(Got burned slightly on this just recently)

Watch what you say detail wise, girls love to run their mouth. What do i mean by that? We will just use an example, A girl i met for the first time randomly at school(it wasnt setup for us to meet that day). I get greeted by the target and her friend jumps in shakes my hand, says oh your the guy from blah blah this and that. Im thinking shit everything i said has been relayed to her friend like a coach/spotter. And i wasn't even really more than a friend at that time.....(didn't even begin gaming yet). Getting a history log....

Girls are crazy as hell at this age range and I've noticed sometimes they'll go outside of bounds of what your use to seeing. Whether its tests or just acting wild. Most of all you have to be on your toes to be ready to react to these things. Ive had moments where I literally say in my head "What the F was that?". Basically what I mean is dont be surprised if something your not expecting happens. People can be random now.

LMR- Yes and no. Depending on your looks and your gaming skill. I mean shit if you pickup some girl at 9pm thursday and at 5pm friday your in that chicks bedroom already...shes going to probably LMR your ass to death realizing its been less than a day.But depending on how she sees you she may or may not provide resistance. Things move quick as hell at this level... don't think this is not in the back of her head. Can be a problem sometimes....but if you show your a good natured person and you can keep hush about things it seems as if that may open a route up for you and her to travel down

Jealously upon initial stages- Christ this can blow out a whole page in your book alone. I always always always want to keep a girl im gaming on isolated or away from her friends(take out obstacles). Never with her friends or anyone else(unless its my friends) otherwise I have to deal with the obstacles first. You might have to appease her friends along with her otherwise CockBlock's, jealously, and some nasty moments can occur. Appease meaning talk to her friends to and get them to laugh and accept you. Dont block out or be a dick to any of them.

Quick gameplan for college: Pay attention to the girls that check you out and give you the most attention. These should be the 1st girls to work on your list. 2nd should be girls that with conversation and some slight gaming can be pushed up on the list. A girl with potential if you will.

As I said alot of girls in general are friendly, even the high class ones(snobs). Dont mistake a girl being friendly for her being TOTALLY INTO YOU. Back that up with other signals and proof from her. And IN GENERAL in college your looking for what not to do, instead of what to do. You can fool around, slack off and make progress according to how much effort you actually put into it. As easy as it is i see many fail but at least their are trying compared to the number of guys i see doing nothing out there.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:22 pm 
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Hey guys I'm in my last semester of my last year of college. I have had a rather unique college experience that may help others see the benefits of following some of the simple rules.

I go to college at a military academy which is not a normal college by any standard. Trust me here there are no social circles of girls to be penetrated. I have full day schedules and can only get out on the weekends.

So how do i deal with this? There are quite a few colleges within a 2 hour radius of my school. I became a regular at at least 3 of the colleges and kept contacts there throughout my college carreer. So what? This led to the chance of meeting tons and tons of women, just by pure numbers you would eventually end up hooking up with a girl.

The key here is NETWORKING! Get to know as many people on campus as you can and find the social groups that will lead you to sucess. And just to go over the basics here, that doesn't mean just going out and talking to girls, dudes are included. WHAT?? YES! By entering the correct social circles and befriending some of the dudes who are the life of the parties is monumental to your game.

You would be suprised about how easy this is. In the begining my friends and I would simply drive to a college, find out where the house parties, frats, soroities were and just go into the party. Did we get into all of them? no of course not it was hard especially when you weren't even part of the campus. But, the ones that we did enter we immiediatly started making friends. A simple game of beer pong could cause you to get to know someone. And its easy to find the life of the party, because he wants to be friends with everyone already, not hard to strike up a convo here.

Anyway after Networking is achieved with just one person, you can start spreading out getting into all parties etc. And in fact here being the outsider actually helps. You are the mysterious guy who doesn't go to the same college but for someone reason every one likes. Talk about social approval!

And that right there is 75-80% of the college game hands down! If you have instant social approval girls will come to you and ask you questions. AFter that your game is up to you, what style/mix of styles etc.

The big lesson here is NETWORK! Become a sensation on campus and the doors are wide open!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:47 pm 
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completely agree with you Blacksheep! I have one more year of college to go and I've just recently been expanding my social network through different girls. Wish I'd started sooner!

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:35 pm 
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Hey do you guys have any tips for escalating to a place off-campus?

Call me Sly.
My goal: To become a Pickup Artist in everything but name.

And yeah, This is (still) just the beginning.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:05 pm 
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I need advice.

My campus is really big so we have buses that go around campus. Anyway so I see this girl every other day and a couple of days ago she sat next to me. I asked her opinion on something that was in the newspaper and that was it. It went nowhere from there.

What do i do from here as I am really interested in her?

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:58 pm 
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I'm going to Uni in September and I have a question for now..

Being the life of the Party I understand. However I'm not a really drinker, I do drink alcohol occasionally but not a lot. I don't need alcohol to have fun but when it comes to drinking games on campus won't I look like a right pussy? and How can I remain positive using this to my advantage?

If you think you are beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you think you'll lose, you've lost.
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