What to do with a girl you already knew ?

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:09 pm 
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So the whole PUA thing is start with a new girl but what should I do with a girl I already know and be friend with ?

The problem is I am new at the game and I see the whole thing is built up to meet-attract-close but what to with a friend who I already knew before I start to this game ?

PS: I really want to pick up that girl.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 11:14 pm 
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PUA is for all the girls.

What u will understand of aproaching a girl, is actually getting away the fear of rejection, and actual value yourself NOT based of what the girl think of you, but what u think of yourself. That confidence will shine really nice..

U will get confortable around womens, u will know how to talk with them, learn how to look for some patterns. , u will attrack a more social life, and that will attratc others girls, and others that put you on the shelf will have to get a 2 nd look and see what is going on now.

This is a Journey

What u want is to Finish the line , without ever running on the race.

But that the lazy route... and i will give u honest and serious lazy route to your problem.

Invite her... and say that u like her ... not as friend... but as girl, just gather the courage and say it.

If she is like sorry i dont like you... u must actually slap yourself in the face and say... we cant be friends anymore... not cause you hate her not cause of anything ...

Simple u 2 arent in the same vibe so its not fair for you.

I know its counterintuitive but you will gain her respect and more important your respect... maybe she will value more and who knows .... she starts missing you ... you are actually trying to improve as human being ... hey who knows right?


Oh! You've gotta be kidding me!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:29 pm 
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Thanks for the teaching very helpful answer.

So this girl was my one-init for the last year. I dated some pretty good girls but she was still one-init for me. And I wasn't talking to her that year so I made move and tell our friend that I want a meet and she can call my one-init and we can meet like the old times.

That meetings night she wanted to eat some dinner wirh me somewhere because she don't want go home yet(our friend has to). And that dinner i told her that the girl I was talking about her (I was telling them I was in love with a women that past year). She shocked a little. But she was freaking happy when we are hugging and saying goodbye.

That pretty awkward actually cause a blind can see I liked her (a year ago we were like flirting actually not much thou but I can ask her for photos because I miss her. -not nude- )

While we are texting -like old "friends"- she texted me that she was very confused because of that talk and she was seeing me like a friend and I told her I didn't say the opposite of it (it was before I get this answer and everything) "I just said kinda like her it's just simple" i said to her.

So meet a few days ago and while I was talking about my endless stories with girls and their liking toward me (no intention to create a jealousy) she stopped and told me : "Didn't you love me " i just kinda shocked because we were 3 in that meeting.

I said again i just like the way you are no intentions. And topic clossed. I told our friend that she should help me with this I said say my one-init to i don't think he is in love with you. She kinda accept it but I'm not so sure about that she is going to work for me because one-init was her best friend ...

So that's the story of last month. Sory it's too long but this thing is the only obstacle me with being a pua not just a guy talking with a bunch of girls.

My feelings to her changed a little bit with the last meeting cuz she talked about how mad she was about her ex boyfriend (from a year ago) getting his dick sucked. And she told me to fuck girls. Not to love only one women. I told them I want to know what females say about being a pua or one-init kinda love guy. She didn't choose pua but said to fuck girls(being mad about her ex that she claimed not loving but kinda don't want him to be like that is affective in that answer I think).

I know every guy gonna say fuck it she isnt worthy as you can see it finally. She was sad when she was telling didnt i love her. She showed me iois conscious and unconscious - i have read books about body language and micro expressions-. So she wasnt like really i see you as a friend as she told.

I think I fucked up everything but I can't understand why she was showing me ioi and signs of affection though I said that I was into that pua thing and after that friend talk.

I am asking why ?

Why in the hell ?

I maybe just taking all wrong but ..

Only thing that came into my mind that she was just love to seduce men and she is a slut with a pretty face.

(ioi's was strong she touched her legs to me and feet unconsciously-body language- and lean her head to me for a minute while we sitting and some little ones too not that big.)

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