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What does this text mean?
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Author:  KingdaKa [ Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  What does this text mean?

Fyi, girls' first language is not English so might be part of the issue.

met girl and had what I thought was decent interaction. texted her 20 minutes later with my name and didn't get response back.

Next day I wrote asking, "You're not from X are you? My __ is from there to". No response.

2 days later I wrote basically saying, "I'm sorta surprised right now. You seemed so chill and interesting when we met.." She responded 2 minutes later saying, "Well you didn't ask if I have a guy I want to be with... with a few emotions with tears on them". Wasn't sure what that meant/if she's broken hearted or not.

I wrote back "Does this mean you have a boyfriend?" She started typing things, but stopped and hasn't written back yet.

Any idea what that means?

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