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Making the move
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Author:  Broc_Landers [ Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:07 am ]
Post subject:  Making the move

Hey guys, I generally don't post on forums but I have a question for a few of you experts. First let me say I am somewhat new to the "game." For a couple of years now I decided to abstain from sexual relationships, wanting to become intimate and find someone. Suddenly it hit me, that I'm a young 21 year old guy and I better live while I can. I've gotten pretty comfortable talking to girls, especially since my job in retail is to approach customers and help them, it also helps that majority of my coworkers are female. I've up scaled my appearance and have been getting a lot of recognition from people there recently.

There is one girl I'm extremely close with and she considers me a best friend. Recently our conversations at work have been really flirtatious. I finally got the gumption to lay one on her and we made out for a solid 10 seconds (There's security cameras in the back and she got worried). I've made flirtatious jokes about the encounter and she laughs or rolls her eyes and smirks, so the feedback seems pretty positive? However I find that I can't muster the courage to do it again for some reason. I've worked with her everyday since it happened (4 days ago) but asked her to get a bite after work tomorrow and she said yes. I'm planning on making a move then. So I ask...

How should I do it
What if I freeze up and don't make a move (and advice on stopping that from happening)

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