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Shit test passed, no date still..
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Author:  Thisguyhere [ Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Shit test passed, no date still..

This girl at work, we've been flirting pretty extensively to the point it seems like we each show up to work trying to look polished and ready.. easy read sure... conversation is excellent, we often kick our feet up on the desks (positive mirroring both ways). Everything seems to be there.. eye contact is strong and amazing, if not down right hypnotic. I use triangle method mixed in with our eye locks. Neither of us appear to want to cave and you can feel the restraint and tension. Sometimes i instigate the kino, and other times she does.

Her roomie broke up with her bf over the weekend, and while trying to be comforting/supportive as an unbiased 3rd party stranger (assuming that the roomie will inquire more about me) .. either way, i take the opp to share a secret, fitting to the situation.

That Monday, we engage in more conversation and chatter, and she tells me about a past experience she had with a married man. How he said this, promised that and still went back to his wife. I looked at her thoughtfully for a moment (shit test indeed!!) And j first thanked her for opening up to me like that. I didnt show any surprise or disgust, just genuine sense of appreciation at what was taking place.

I didnt get defensive about it. I tried my best to just reinforce that even tho it was a shitty on the guys part, she shouldnt carry the resentment to the next guy. And also that its better to just appreciate the experiences as they come along and enjoy the moment.

This went well, the vibe i got was one of approval.

We are sporadic on chat/txt outside of work. (i can get sporadic convos in txt but nothing ever leads to a meet)

I either think that she is reluctant because of what would happen and maybe shes still stand offish, or she is just as much a pua as anyone else and is on top her game. Im lost on this one.

Any advice? I throw the occasional this is what im gonna be doing, itd be cool if you could join. Or just asking if she has plans for the evening/weekend. Its never a no, but more of im already committed to xyz.

I think i will try pushing away with a little neg, but id prefer some insight. And ive mixed it up with rewards for her doing for me, and just doing the little gestures for her.

Wheres my error at in this? I dont know where the roadblock is, but i think overcoming that us the answer.

Also, ive demonstrated to her that while we carry this tension, i normally dont hit her on the weekends just to keep the im doing my own thing. But the off chance that i do, its like i said, im doing this, join if you want.

Whats the play here? Punishment? More ignoring/neg? I am highly respected in every social circle at work, some by virtue of position/rank, but 90% through leadership. I also attempt to lift others up so that i make everyone feel important.


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