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Author:  BittyBanger [ Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  We need help

IF YOUR ON THIS SITE TO MEMORIZE HOW TO ASK GIRLS WHAT COLOR OF BALLOONS YOUR FRIEND SHOULD HAVE AT HIS PARTY B4 YOU TALK TO HER ABOUT STRAWBERRY FIELDS, then i highly recommend this read. If your on this site for any other reason, congratulations, and i still recommend reading this.
I get sidetracked and a little condescending srry but i swear this has good content

Hey everyone, or should i say hey again everyone? For the 5th time now. Idk how popular this site is in 2019 but its been almost 5 years since i made this account now. Shit that means i lost my virginity 5? Fucking? Years? Ago????? Ill be honest boys, only fucked 8 girls in those 5 years ): fml.

Anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (Theres a 30 post journal of virgin me winning his man badge btw on this site, I posted it in 2014 so if ur still innocent and ur dick hasnt realised yet that pussy doesnt feel as good as putting corrosive substances up your nose, i highly recommend reading it too cus its 100% no bullshit in the moment diary of how 19 year old me busted his first nut about 12.2 seconds after figuring out how to fuck properly) yyyyyyyywwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyys

^Thats my sticking point

Where the fuck was i going with this? The point I think i was trying to make is... when i do come on this site i go in the field reports section and inner game and read what bs openers ppl are coming up with these days. Tbh those sections r just a bunch of shit most of us WANT to hear. Ive made like 10 posts in field reports hoping to start threads along the lines of this one, and never followed them up, probably cus everything about me is ONE BIG FUCKING STICKING POINT. And guess what motherfbeepkers. i like being realistic btw....

MOST PPL ON PUAF prob have huuuuuuge sticking points, like Blvcked.com huuuge, and I fucking promise you theyre not "what do i say when this or when that? Ive realised that ive only fucked 10 times in 5 years (stfu btw). It isnt cause im not attractive, isnt cause of my job, isnt cause i cant talk to girls but its the fact that Im a drug addict.


***So I have a question to anyone who likes this style of post enough to read this far... Is the 2019 PUAF community coming to this site cause they struggle with what to say and when to say it? Or are you here cause you love a girl and your hoping this site gives u the secret to have her only suck your dick for the next 30-60 years? Or are you here cause your so socially fuckkkked that u cant even ask ppl for directions. Or, or, or, orrrrrrrrrrr? Are you here cause ur like me and U GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT A BITCH may be like 33 of them but the other 66 are your fucking demons inside. Big ol dirty dusty demons just eating away at your soul, or in cases like mine, your nose cartilage, and your bank account. What I'm essentially asking is.... Are 2019 puafers socially stunned or did your coconut land on a rock when it fell off the tree?

Cause in the near future, ill hopefully remember this and document my attempt at living a fun fulfilling so the fucking bitches can learn cold approach and read a pink website like this one b4 they have the milksacks to walk up 2 me.

I need sleep. To be continued

Author:  BittyBanger [ Sun Feb 24, 2019 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: We need help

Econd Sentry
Whore Way, ON, Canananananananana?.. duhhh! :D
Feels like Saturday but Sunday, Jan 55th, too fucking late


nine11. Drug Addict (Cocaine, Tobacco and Marijuana but thats as legal as maple syrup now sooo..... :D)
2. Critical Health Condition (ohhh this ones tough to swallow. 24 years old and although im an organ doner theyd prob cut me open and throw my insides in a dumpster. I can say that cus as i write this i feel the dry numbing burning pain of gasoline and hydrochloride burrowing into my sinuses)
3. Rrrrd times a charm. Ummmm, hey PUA's....... I've caught oneitis ): plz dont laugh at me. (So uhhhh, first off I met her on new years, SHE HIT ME IN THE DM'S??????? No girl has ever, evereverevereverever shown interest in me in my lifetime. I was on acid and at 530 ish i realised she asked me 2 hours earlier to go home with her. Anyways ive fucked her like 3 times now and i think i feel l ll lll nooo ll looo lo looooooohhhh fuck.. love ): shit, i said it.
4. I dont want a wife ):
5. Need to workout
6.Need to cook
7.Need to clean
8.UMM, so 20 years ago i was forced into music lessons, never rlly LOVVVED IT THO. well 2 years ago i tried acid. Save $$$, buy equipment
9.Refer to #1... and get some fuxking sleep

Zzzzzzzzzzz ya bitchezzz zzz

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