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Street game, value and dynamic concepts
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Author:  sheeep [ Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:03 am ]
Post subject:  Street game, value and dynamic concepts

Hey guys,

I am an asian based in London this year, studying as a foreign student. I am pretty new to this stuff and recently I found a couple of guys willing to go out and do approaches. Basically I have done 2 days of approaches so far and we do it by walking down the street, just looking for targets. Sometimes it can be quite a while before a target comes along.

Anyway today after approaching 4 women (it went badly for all but one), I started to think about the dynamics of this entire game and I just wanted to put my thoughts down as mental sticking points perhaps.

1. Value

I went through some RSD stuff on value and state. They say that you should draw state from yourself by not getting attached to the results. And the value comes from your self-esteem and core confidence etc. This all sounds amazing and tight. However, in street game, I am opening mostly women who are going from point A to point B, catching a bus etc. While it is still possible to stop them, I feel that this situation immediately puts guys in a very very low situational value. Of course she will know that I want interaction from her and she probably does not want to talk to strangers she doesn't know about very much.

So in this case, no matter how high my self-esteem or core confidence is (If I am purposely going out to seek interaction and response from people how high can my self-esteem be?), in that situation she knows the dynamics is that she has the power. Furthermore so many guys are approaching girls around. While approaching today with friends we saw another pua going around as well. So the reality of the issue seems to be that men have no choice but to start a lot lower in value with this dynamic setting and I think this causes my state to go out as well.

2. Being Imposing

Also today, a woman who I approached on the street appear creeped out when I was just saying 'hi'. Granted my state is definitely out today and I probably looked too stiff and not welcoming at all. But this set me thinking: The setting of the game is that we are approaching strangers on the street. Now most people have some sort of fear/caution around strangers (due to possible dangers, uncertainty etc.). Our job is to create a first impression (by stopping them, leading the conversation, have higher energy etc.). However, all these also tend to cause people to feel imposed on, because they are just walking down the street back home and suddenly this dude comes along and tries to project intention and conversation.

So how do you create a favourable first impression and hook people into a conversation without letting them feel imposed? Maybe there is a fine line but I don't think it is easy to get the distinction because everyone has a different threshold depending on their own history and interactions. And since this is about opening, there seems to be absolutely no way to calibrate this?

Would like to hear views and opinions on this. Is it possible to draw state and value from within (or not be affected by anything) even on street game? I try to focus on my own development and fun when going out, but when the purpose of going out is to develop social skills, it is kind of inevitable to be affected when I receive direct feedback that my skills are bad.

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