I don’t know how to attract her?

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A Sticking Point or SP is an issue you CONSISTENTLY run into.

It is NOT a point where you get stuck with ONE SPECIFIC GIRL.

A Sticking Point is:
I keep getting LMR whenever I bring girls back to my place. This has happened at least 10 times already! What am I doing wrong?
A Sticking Point is NOT:
I got LMR with this one girl! What do I do?
If you have not already gone out and practiced enough to have a real Sticking Point from meeting an ABUNDANCE of women, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO POST HERE.

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So when I talk to a girl, 1. I don’t know what to say, I feel my voice isn’t masculine enough.

I feel nervous and I have no idea what to say. I don’t have a game plan or mental techniques to have in my back pocket.

For example, you practice an instrument and read up on it, so once you’re on stage you put your techniques away and perform. I need to know the theory and techniques.

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The biggest thing is balancing value and comfort, my man. When you're learning how to turn a girl on, it's important to look at attraction through this lens.

There's two things that you need to fulfill, in order for a girl to want to sleep with you:

1. Value
2. Comfort

Value is things like being confident, charismatic, high status, being a leader of men, having wealth, resources, being jacked, being handsome, having good grooming, etc.

Comfort is things like showing her you're going to protect her, keep her safe, and mainly that you aren't a creep.

There's different ways to do each one, but for your specific case, I'd say you probably don't have enough VALUE and too much COMFORT.

Focus on the following:
-Lift weights, get better style, groom yourself well
-Be edgy, cocky, confident
-Focus on demonstrating pre-selection

Give it some time. It will take a while to get good with girls, but apply this advice and you'll see what I'm talking about. Good luck!

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