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Seeing girl in the club you've already spoken to
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Author:  Nassander [ Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Seeing girl in the club you've already spoken to

When you see a girl at a club that you approached earlier that night and had a short interaction with do you ignore them, try to re-engage or just acknowledge them in a happy fun way?

I often feel awkward in this spot because our convo didn't go anywhere and I'm not sure how to interact with them. Usually I go based on mine and their energy so if I've perked right up I might try and re-engage them or if they notice me first I'll do the same. In general though, I don't have much success so it's leading me to just ignore.

Interestingly, I notice this to be very different, if I see the same person again on a different night, so clearly the dynamics here are different.

Author:  toppatopvt [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Seeing girl in the club you've already spoken to

If the earlier interaction with them was negative, I'd say straight ignore. If it was neutral or positive I'd say do the happy fun thing; I give a wink (exaggerated enough for them to see in club light) or if I have a drink (I usually do) I'd raise the glass to them. But these things assume you're not looking like a loser standing alone in a corner when you see them again. On that note, if you're alone in the club, keep talking or keep moving; ideally more talking than moving and only move when you're looking for new targets to talk to.

In general, I'd not re-engage the same night because sometimes girls are polite and you'd have thought the earlier interaction went well when in fact it didn't go as good as you thought. If they are tourists (you should find out where a HB is from in the first interaction), I'd re-engage outside of the club when people are going home, since that's when some girls get desperate to pick up a guy, and at that point if they flake you probably won't see them again anyway.

If they are not tourists: in general, girls will be more welcoming when seeing your familiar face a few nights later. So, if you know they are locals, there's no reason to push a re-engagement the same night. You'll just look needy. If you go out often (as you should) there'll be plenty opportunity to see them again.

Author:  Eddie Fews [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Seeing girl in the club you've already spoken to

What difference does it make?

Game is about you, and making yourself happy first. So which of those options would you be most happy doing? DO THAT. As long as it isn't harming them it shouldn't make no difference. This mentality is one of putting strangers desires before your own. The game is about YOU and the people you qualify. Not some girl that doesn't give two shits about your existence. Who cares what they think..

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