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After a night with her
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Author:  Ap [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  After a night with her

I honestly don't know where to begin....

My game has been strong recently, I've slept with multiple women this week alone and there is one i can not seem to get out my head. It's keeping me up on what i can/ could of done better.

So here is the story, I'm in university and there is this girl in my accommodation who I've thought is pretty hot for some months now but never acted on it. A few months back I slept with one of her flat mates who are both close to each other. So on Tuesday night on a night out we met her and some mates and luckily the girl who i previously slept with wasn't with them so I thought I'd make a move on her after the night out I went back to hers, even though i only lived on the floor above. We had a few drinks talked for hours then I said I'm sleeping in her bed but she said that was fine but with clothes on. I then thought fuck it and lent over her started kissing and things led from there. The morning after we started playing around again before me leaving. She asked me to keep it between them because she didn't want her friend to find out.

So I added her on snapchat Wednesday and we started talking flirting what not... And then she goes quiet so i leave it like 7 hours before restarting the conversation again then we started talking until early hours Thursday morning and Friday I mentioned that I wanted to see her again which it's not something I tend to do. She basically shot me down saying it can't happen again because of her SPAM she wouldn't not stop mentioning her flat mate all night and how she couldn't do it because of her... And then stopped talking again. Which I haven't spoken to her now, and it's 3:38 am Saturday morning. So you can see it is wrecking my head I understand i am been an afc and I get women can make the best of us turn into that. But I've slept with her this is what i don't get i have never experienced this after closing. She has done nothing but compliment me sexually so i don't think that's the issue. The problem is now we brake up for easter for two weeks and I won't see her. I know if I was able to see her or bump into her I could turn it around but by the time two weeks comes to an end that leaves me with a mountain to climb.

I need to know where I fucked up here? Is it been to needy, messaging her too quickly after it happened? I don't know because closing is usually the hardest part. Another thing that night she was soo affectionate, asking me not to leave after we finished having sex constantly kissing me etc... Now I'm usually better on phone game than actually game in clubs so this is totally new for me. What can I do from here? What to say or just leave it. Please be as harsh as you like because I need advice on this.


Author:  SKEITH [ Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: After a night with her

What's her SPAM got to do with it? I mean it's not like you're dating her SPAM. If she's worried about her SPAM too much why don't you just invite her back to yours? She's obviously interested. I do feel like she's gonna start developing feelings for you if she hasn't started already if you see her too often.

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