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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 11:08 pm 
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This worked great for me the other day.... dont know what youd call it but it disarmed and neg'd the target, and dhv'd. I realized latr its a variation of a mystery opener.

(Set is sitting down with their backs to the door working at their desks) . I was walking past them towards the door to go outside and i paused to approached them from behind ( i know, i know, you shouldnt approach fm behind, but just bear with me), I briefly paused by them and simply said,

"hey whatsup?" (knowing that she is going to respond with a conservation starter, and not simply a "whatsup" back).
The set looked back at me and smiled, then turned back to their work. (As soon as they werent looking at me anymore, i started to quietly open the door and walk outside) Thats when she started to respond...

"oh nothing, so hows your... [bang] (thats when the door slammed shut, in the middle of her question, and i was outside, smoking).

She looked back to see that she was talking to no one. This negd the target while simultaneously dhv. I could hear her friend laughing at her, for foolishly talking to someone who wasnt even there. I know a lot of you out there i thinking this is too dic and i should be paying attention to her, yadayadayada, but it comes off like her simply misunderstanding, and not me being an ass who doesnt care what she had to say. get it? So when i came back inside and walked passed them again, i flirtily poked the targets friend and gave her a small wink, and completely ignored the target. She smiled back at me. The target was pissed. lol, but in good way, the next time i saw her, she couldnt stay away fm me.
Its also kinda like, oh so yur not gonna look at me while youre talking to me, well the joke's on you biatch. lol.

This seems very situation specific and it is, but the idea is sound, and you can switch it up however you want to make it work.

I was thinking something like this would be fun to throw in during phone game:
"oh yea, i got a Really important question to ask you. [insert whatever ? ] then as soon as she starts answering, hang up on her. This does the same thing. She eventually will realize she is talking to no one as she giving you her great answer. When she calls back and says
"you hung up me",
just say something like,
"Yea you were boring me. Im kidding, my phone cut off. So what were you saying?"

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