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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2007 4:42 am 
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So I was at a party with a bunch of close friends recently. One of my friends (who is a girl) has always been known as the "funny one" in the group. Now, usually I'm "the funny one" in any group I'm in, but when she's around she seems to hold court. Even when we go back and fourth, she has a way of staying on top. So tonight I decided to study why she is so well respected. And by simply observing, it came to me. She is the best at negging I have ever met.

No joke, even when you beat her in an argument she can pull a one liner out of her ass and floor the room. For instance, I finally got her in an argument. I had won, everyone accepted that fact. And seemingly out of nowhere she nonchalantly says, "Uh, you just spit on yourself." BAM! She controlled the room. I had outwitted her, but with a perfect neg she beat me. She does this at will. That makes me believe that negging properly can actually improve your value immensely. Negging a lot is insulting and a little cruel, but people will respect your wit enough to let it slide and respect you more. I need to learn to neg better...and I'm not even that bad at it.

I neg naturally in a set because I just let me stream of consciousness do the talking. When a girl says she's got a cool lighter to light my cigarette but its out of gas, I reply "Aww, you ALMOST impressed me. Almost." Its just the way I roll. However, as a result my negging is typically observational humor and consequently all lines are the same thematically. Alright, despite this extended intro, there is a point to this post. Has anyone taken the time to categorize the types of negs you can use? Is one general "category" better than the next? For instance, there are situational negs, appearance negs, personality negs, etc. Does one category work better than another? Does one category contain the correct blend of minor insult and humor that the HB is not turned off but but is still uncomfortable? Somebody shine some light on this.


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Shotgun negs, Tease neg, and Sniper negs.

The first sort of neg is the shotgun neg, which is an innocuous statement that would only be uttered by a sincerely disinterested person. It's an indicator of disinterest. Of course, it's not that you dislike her; not at all. It's just that you hadn't considered her a potential romantic or sexual partner. This IOD diminishes her sexual power and disarms her peer group. The power of the shotgun neg is in its apparent sincerity. She'll honestly believe that you aren't trying to impress her. Then she wonders why...

The simplest example of this is pulling out a tissue and blowing your nose. She'll sincerely believe that you aren't trying to impress her; (otherwise you would never blow your nose in front of her.) It won't even occur to her that it's really just a ruse. Shotgun negs are useful for conveying a not-needy attitude — which is a demonstration of higher value. Thus in one stroke you indicate disinterest, disarm obstacles, and create attraction. "Nice nails, are they real?"

Contrast this with the tease neg. Teasing conveys a cocky, playful attitude. It's not perceived as inadvertent, but rather as deliberate flirting (but done properly.) Examples of this are "pull my finger," "You can dress her up, but you can't take her anywhere," 'Don't make me come down there," etc.

When you call her a dork, your cocky, playful, fun attitude shows confidence, takes charge, and makes tilings fun. Teasing stimulates her emotions and is useful as a DHV during A2. She may non-respond (IOD) to this tactic if she is trying to freeze you out.

Another form of neg is the sniper neg. An example of this is hinting to her that she has a booger, eye crusties, a sweat}" palm, or that she just spit on you. The idea is to make her honestly believe that she has performed a demonstration of lower value (DLV). This makes her self-conscious and creates a situation where she is the one wondering whether or not you have a good impression of her.

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