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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:18 pm 
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Well then. First and foremost i picked up a girl when i was going to pick up my niece from school. She was in the car next to me and i wrote on a piece of paper * You have something in your hair * of course she felt around franticly and found nothing. After that i waved her to come over to my car by doing so opened a gate of POA knowlege on her I got her number and hung out the next day with her until about 10 minutes ago. *it's 530 in the morning* She was just down to have a nice chill at home day. Kinda a bummer deal but i decided home = a place to have sex. So i didn't object. She was extremely distant, then i pulled the cube out. Tried that on her and she LOVED it. Thought i was a god. ++++ points. Then i did the hand squeeze IOI test which she failed, i wasn't going to tell her what it meant but i decided to bust her balls about it. I said well you failed the you are attracted to me test. Guess i should be going. She said "WAIT!! i didn't know what was going on!!" and came over and squeeze the hell out of my hands.. +++ points. Then i got her to sit next to me and finally got some attention from her. No sex, just holding hands. So as i think everything is going well her x-best friend calls and says she needs to talk. So here i am ... in this girls house bored as hell as she is outside in this girls house talking about god knows what. Well anyways i go out to walk her dog cause i might just die if i wait another second. And her roommate drives up. Who actually was really cool. We talked for a bit, my date came back in, cried a lot then calmed down and her roommate went to bed. Back to my game. But by this time it's like 3. I suggested we go get some food and then go crash. She agreed. I was gonna let sex slide tonight. I didn't want to ruin this cause i know she has had a rough night, i see potential in this girl. Anyways she dropped me off and i pointed at my cheek and told her "good night kiss" which actually worked. I was nervous cause it seemed cheezy lol. But yeah. I think it was a good night. MY question is what do you think i should do next time we chill? Should i try a sex close? i have got plenty of IOI's but she's really mormon so i don't know if she is down. Ugh... And is there any other fun tests you guys can think of that would catch her attention and increase my value?


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