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Question about rapport building
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Author:  NbBurna [ Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:44 am ]
Post subject:  Question about rapport building

hey guys i'm just confused about something and was hoping you could explain it more

So, i get the idea of using routines and stuff to build rapport, and i also get the idea of showing indifference like you don't care about her, but i don't get how they go together.

so we're supposed to show interest (using technique and routines) and also NOT show interest at the same time? i don't get it.

The problem is i don't know how much indifference to show and how much interest to show in order to maintain me being the "PRIZE"

can anyone clarify this for me?


Author:  EvoJ [ Mon Sep 10, 2007 3:34 pm ]
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The key is to show false disqualifiers as necessary. This is used because she gets hit on 1000 times a day and has a set of judgements that she is going to test you on when you come up to her.

Basically, she immediately assumes you are there to hit on her and so she is going to judge you. If you falsly disqualify yourself then you shut down those automatic judgements of her's and you give yourself time to show her the real you. This sets you apart from the other guys and allows you to "pimp Yo warez" as it were.

You are now (Two people just talking (DHV's and Routines/ect) and Noone is trying to pick up anyone. BUT you are still doing KINO!) She is learning more about you and may even ask a few questions or return your kino AS she gets more attracted to you because she is getting to know all these great things about you.

She is now attracted to you because of your DHVs/Routines/Etc But she doesn't believe that you are attracted to her. So you give her a chance to qualify herself to you. Beauty is common ect blah. She qualifies herself and you are now "Won Over" start showing interest as a possible mate and you get down to comforting type stages. These are where you both know you are attracted to each other and now you are just trying to see if you actually LIKE one another. Continue with DHV's and build some rapport with emotional content and such.

THAT is why/how you use the "Not interested in you" stuff and when you change from being not interested to being interested.

I think :)

Am I right guys?


Author:  sandman808 [ Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:17 am ]
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You need to use DHV's to the whole set while judiciously using negs at the target to show disinterest (not diss her).

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