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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 5:53 am 
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Posted by Harlequin, on Mystery's Forum:
We're PUAs. We're not God's gift to women, but women are God's gift to us & we're going to return them to the sender when they surf to heaven on an orgasmic wave...

Harlequin's kiss... where you get a girl to orgasm without even touching her. Do you believe that's possible? Do you think you can make yourself cum without touching yourself, just using your mind? No? Ever had a wet dream? Right... that's your mind. But you want to know how to give a girl multiple-multiples don't you? You're not bothered about all this mind stuff. Halfway to heaven will do for you...

OK... Flip the bird… for real, stick out your middle finger like you’re telling your new best friend Harlequin to go get fucked.
Well I closed already today because MM is THE SHIT, so hold that thought. Are you flipping me off? No, but you're going to flip someone off alright, keep that hand position. Learn to love it. One finger is fine for now. Now just curl it halfway back, at the first knuckle. There it is, this is going to get the memory of you burned into her mind for the rest of her life. You’re going to use that finger to excite her G-Spot up inside the front wall of her Smoo. She’ll likely begin to feel the sensation of having to pee, as you do this, but it’s not urine building up in her! Warn her about this, so she doesn’t hold back when the big moment arrives. She should push, rather than try to pinch it off, so it helps if she knows not to hold back. If your situation doesn’t permit this kind of planning, don’t worry about it: she’ll get the idea. Whether she showers the bed like Niagara on a rainy day or not, she will have the sort of orgasm so good that she’ll probably boast to her friends about. Warning… do not attempt to satisfy the curiosities of her friends unless you want to ruin her friendships… better yet, invite them all for a party & get the sex games going. Who can last the longest is what you’re aiming for. I’ll get back on track now before I screw this thread up. Don't let your thirst for pleasure hurt people guys. That's not what being a PUA is about. We love women.

This is not to get her warmed up, this is to get her off, so do whatever it is you do that ends up with your face between her legs. Now, don’t rush, be patient. Don’t go right for her clit, though you are tempted; women need to build & accumulate their passion, & you want to build up a BIG explosion here which takes a little time. Brush your tongue around on her thighs, & across the lips, teasing your way closer to the clit now & then but dancing your mouth around her. Concentrate on getting her as wet as you can, sucking in her lips & nibbling on her. Vary your moves. Breathe on her. Embrace her lips with yours & hum deeply, the vibration of this on her mons pubis will feel good for her. When she’s really wet, slide your tongue up to her clit, & slip your hook finger inside her pussy, gently. Cat string theory doesn't just apply to the chase... the string can be your dick & the pussy is right in front of you, do this right & she'll be after your dick like her life depends on it, fighting with you to get you inside her. But we're not into that right now, we're going to really show off first.

As your finger goes in, curl it back, & run it slowly up & back on the front wall, as well as slightly from side to side. Notice a ridge that feels like a bundle of small tubes. It takes a little pressure to feel this, but not too hard. At the far end of your reach, with your finger, there is a small rough spot of rippled flesh, about the size of a 5 pence piece, a nickel if you're on the other side of the pond... it feels a bit like sponge. Notice her reaction as you probe on & around it. If you don't feel it right at first, it will swell a little as you proceed. Normally, if you press right on it, you will see that you have found the spot. Sometimes it’s a tiny bit off to one side. It will become more sensitive & noticeable as you go, but it IS there, & you will just KNOW when you find it, just be aware of all her senses.

When you do, don‘t stay right on it, but keep running up & down & side to side on the ridge, stopping at the top, about the end of your finger's reach, to tickle around the sweet spot. Then slide back down the ridge till your finger almost comes out, then back up the ridge to the sweet spot, increasing the pressure as her passion builds as you increase the pressure on her clit, with your tongue. You don’t want to bring her off yet. There will be an orgasm building from 2 different places, & we want them to happen TOGETHER. Believe me, she wants this too, so do your best to coordinate them. You're playing God's instrument here & you want a sweet little symphony. Sometimes, it helps to just pause for a minute... to break her concentration. Don't let the clit take control. Make it wait. "Bad Clitty!" yeah, really, say it. Tease her, ask her if she likes what you're doing. Say something very rude to her, nasty, tell her you're going to LET her have your cock if she comes five times in a row, whatever... Then it's about time to pull it all together.

Watch her face as you slide your finger back in, all the way, & leave it in this time. Concentrate your finger right on her spot, which should be swollen & easy to locate by now, with a slight 'come here' motion. Try some pressure here & there, & you will know what works for her. When she starts building towards an orgasm from your finger, it's time to go for it. Back on the clit, firm & intense with your tongue. Let her know that this is the grand finale. She ought to be pretty wound up by now. When she gets close, intensify the motion & pressure on the sweet spot with short little jab strokes... not too hard, but intense.

VERY IMPORTANT... no matter what kind of sex you’re having, frustration often interrupts the orgasm that was JUST about to happen & my success with this technique comes from being VERY consistent with my motions, from this point forward. Rhythm & consistency, these are imperative considerations to work with & apply if you want your girl to have the best time.

Everybody has been there... you are just about to get off & the other person decides to change what they are doing. If only they had just kept it going, just like they were . . .you know what I mean. So, be consistent with your movements, which will allow her to adjust to your motion, & she will move into you. When the end is close, don’t change what you are doing... keep your tempo, depth, & pressure working like a machine, both your tongue & your hooked finger, stay with it & she will do the rest. When you feel your finger being pushed out by the contraction of her smoo, you know the moment has arrived.

NOW JUST HANG ON, while she enjoys the ride. At this point, you might notice things are quite wet. If she didn't ejaculate, don't worry, she still might, when you bring her off again. Ease up on the clit, after she climaxes, & slow way down with your finger, but don’t take it out, & don't let her get up. Let her know that you're enjoying this, encourage her to stay settled back & you can continue. Slowly start the action again. She will soon realize that another orgasm is about ready to happen. Just bring her back up again with your finger. Three or four minutes after the first one, she’ll be ready for you to get her off again. Short little firm strokes to her spot seem to work best, once again, being consistent, letting her adjust to you. Normally, by the second or third time, she will get to this 'plateau' & just hang there, cumming every few minutes. You won’t believe how many you can make her have. Use your own judgment to keep her in this zone, & you will know when she has had enough, if you don't she'll let you know... she may just pass out from euphoria overload. I get that sometimes.

But consider what sensuality is. Being sensual is arousing & catering for all the senses... all six of them. Deprive sight, heighten the other five senses. Get that silk blindfold out. Tell her she's not allowed to touch you but whisper in her ear all the things that you'll do to her if she's a good girl. Kiss her mouth but tell her she can't respond. If she does, then move away & punish her by biting her nipples... the mouth goes south. I implore you not to bang a girl like every other chump. You're different; you're nothing like the rest of those guys out there.

Got a bit of a rep for myself with my last few girlfriends.

When you have the lady gushing regularly resist the temptation to bring your surfboard into the bedroom or s.c.u.b.a gear... do advise her to bring her washing when you respond to her text begging to let her come over... She'll know what's in store for her. A word of warning. It's very hard to get rid of a girl once you do this to her so make sure you REALLY like her before you allow her physical body to crave you more than anyone else.

Oh... & the next time your girl gets at least five orgasms in a row... make her call you "HARLEQUIN!"


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 8:17 am 
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awesome post. I once read how Brianna Banks's boyfriend (a pornstar) could make her cum without penetrating her. what a champ.

a new goal!!

regards to all.

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PostPosted: Tue May 01, 2007 3:17 am 
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Thought that looked familiar.

When you refuse to accept what you cannot change: this is called trauma.

When you decide to change what you cannot accept: this is called revolution.

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