Blind date within a group, need help with this one!!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 7:57 pm 
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This past Saturday my friend asked me if I would be interested in meeting this Italian girl whom he is friends with for a blind date. I am not used to blind dates but I figured why not. My friend decided that we should all go to the movies. So it was My friend, his girlfriend and me standing in front of the movies when I saw her walking up. I was surprised at how attractive she was, a solid 8.0, so I said "Hello." and we all walked into the theater. I rely on my personality and the tests, negs and whatnot to spark attraction and to create interest but when you are in a movie theater you can't really run any game. Plus when you are with friends who know you to be one way and you start acting another way it raises a red flag with them. So we are in the theater the movie has started and 15 minutes into the movie I was thinking, "Fuck this, I have to do some Kino." So I reach down and hold her hand to see what she would do and she held back. I knew after that I should have pulled away and enjoyed my popcorn but I didn't. We held hands for an hour and my hand was numb. When I did pull it away to crack my knuckles and I looked over her hand was still in the position I left it in, waiting for my hand to hold hers. Although there was no verbal communication I noticed that when I first held her hand she was breathing heavy and her body was away from my two friends and closer to me. Afterwards we went out to get something to eat and I started telling stories and she was laughing with the rest of the group and then she got out her cell phone and told everyone her ex-boyfriend knew that she was out with me and that got her all upset and kept texting her ex. After my friend and his girlfriend left it was the HB and me and we talked for a few minutes and I told her I had to go. She gave me a hug and I asked for her number that she gave without hesitation and told me to call her and we will hang out. So I called her Sunday night at 9 and she did not call me back. What should I do in this situation?

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:42 pm 
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i think one mistake that you made is asking her for her phone number. What I do is say something like "how can we keep this conversation going or something". Asking for a number, sorta seems like a DLV (at least to me).

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