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sad puppy face routine
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Author:  FakeDrake [ Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  sad puppy face routine

i am not pretty sure where he read it from but we were discussing a cool routine with tnt23 this morning.

you tell the HB
"hey my little sister-cousin taught me this cute sad puppy face. I will show it to you guyz bu i feel really shy doing it in front of you so please dont laugh..."
now make the face(make sure it is pretty childish and sad)...practice before the mirror

then they will almost deffinately laugh...if they dont thank them for their understanding and say that they are real friends and you admire that on them(it hasn;t happened to me these two times i tested it but know this just in case)

when they do laugh pretend you cry like a child saying they hurt your feelings and pretend cry on an abstacle's shoulder.
then she will try to say sth like "dont cry" or sth.
then you pull away almost disguisted and insulted by her trying to be good and throw what we calla a shotgun neg. i used "dont u tell me what to do..." and worked just fine.

hope it hsnt been posted here before...i really love this routine

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